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Mnangagwa one of the richest leaders who got wealth through corruption

by Stephen Jakes
11 Nov 2017 at 07:52hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe Communist Party Secretary General Ngqabutho Mabhena has said the fired former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is one of the politicians in the country who got wealth through corrupt means.

"I had hoped that l will not write anything again about the former Zimbabwean Vice President, the situation obtaining on the ground demands me to address few issues. Former Vice President Mnangagwa is one of the richest men in Zimbabwe who got his wealth through corruption. For the last 37 years, the state and his party allowed him to loot and gave him protection," Mabhena wrote.

"Mnangagwa has no need for his Vice President salary. His position was the ticket in protecting his ill gotten wealth and in looting more from the poor. The man might have lost his political influence but he remains rich. This is what he and his immediate family should apply their minds to before he jumps into leading the opposition against President Robert Mugabe."

He said Mnangagwa , like all Zanu(PF) leaders are rich beyond any measure.

"They have taken over farms, companies and have shares in international companies outside Zimbabwe thanks to ZANU (PF) , the party they have known since childhood. Their immediate families are beneficiaries to this ill gotten wealth. Their membership has opened doors for their children, grand children and close relatives to study abroad through the Presidential Scholarship Fund," he said.

"So when Mnangagwa ponders his future, he needs to think seriously about his business empire and what it means to his immediate family and friends who have benefited through him. President Mugabe can, with a stroke of a pen, collapse Mnangagwa's business empire including recalling all his relatives who are currently studying abroad. So the loss of a Vice President position, which carries a monthly salary of about $10 000 a month (just an estimate) , is nothing compared to millions he stands loose including the possibility of doing time in prison. The man is above retirement age, he needs to sit down in his farm and write a book, than seeking to lead."

He said Mnangagwa while he understands the rigging machinery in Zanu (PF), he can not stop it from outside.

"He needs to be inside, but we all know that he failed to stop the rigging in 2004 when he lost to Joice Mujuru in their party congress leading to the firing of Prof Jonathan Moyo and 9 Zanu (PF) Provincial chairpersons. Surely, if he failed in 2004 to turn his party machinery in his favour , how does one begin to believe that, this time around, he can turn the whole state machinery in the opposition favour in 2018?" he said.

"While it is said that, Mnangagwa enjoys support from the West and China, recent developments have weakened him. The following are his limited options if he has to return his wealth and escape corruption charges , thereby avoiding jail; He needs to stay away as far as possible from the opposition that is sponsored by the West. If he does not, the same State violence that was unleashed to the opposition in past elections, will descend on him ruthlessly."

He said He needs to engage the Liberation Movements in the region and beyond to mediate. He can go back to former South African President Thab Mbeki, who paraded him at the ANC 2002 Conference in the Western Cape to speak to President Mugabe on his behalf;

"One would have expected him to finally speak out on his involvement in the Gukurahundi atrocities in the 1980s, unfortunately, if he does, he will not be welcome back in Zimbabwe and will loose his millions in United States dollars (some say he is a billionaire)," he said.

"The opposition must understand that a rich man like Mnangagwa will never lead a revolution unless his wealth is taken away from him. His is not in a struggle against Mugabe but against his comrades in G40. As Lenin said, "workers of the land unite, you have nothing to loose but your chains", Mnangagwa has everything to loose, he has no chains but billions of United States dollars looted in Zimbabwe, Congo and in other countries."

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