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Mugabe's blind believers have risked everyone's freedom

by Stephen Jakes
14 Nov 2017 at 06:09hrs | Views
ZimFirst Leader Maxwell Shumba has said President Robert Mugabe's blind believers have made him run away with everyone's rights and freedom.

He said Zimbabwe has become a nation of blind believers.

"No wonder Mugabe easily got away with stealing US$15.billion and Grace on our watch is about to be President whilst we beat the wrong drums. For example, the letters and speeches attributed to Emmerson Mnangagwa declaring he will come back to lead a revolution are bogus," he said.

"A simple check could easily verify these. Mngangwa just as Joice has massive properties in Zimbabwe tentacled to Zanu PF they are eager to protect. That Joice is leading opposition to Mugabe is a fallacy and that is true with Mnangagwa. In fact on Mnangagwa's saga, Mugabe acknowledged receipt of letter written by Mnangagwa in which he is purported to be profusely thanking Mugabe for letting him serve as his (Mugabe) VP. He has to protect his loot.

Key note: Our freedom will not be brought by the tainted lot of the likes of Joice, Mutasa or Mnangagwa."

He said these people need rehabilitation first before being given a free pass to lead any credible opposition to Mugabe's rule.

"Those inviting Mnangagwa to the opposition table stink of political opportunism . Have we forgotten the terror in Kwekwe by Mnangagwa s own Alshabaab terror group. What about Gukurahundi? Or "Pasi neMhandu!(death to Zanu PF enemies!," he said.

"Slogan that incited violence that led to opposition death. Have forgotten the Matebeleland 20000 innocent people massacred Gukurahundi? Of long sleeves, short sleeves (chopping of arms (wrist or elbow) of people accused of being MDC in the 2008 rerun. The purported Diamond loot linking him with Billy Rauternbach, John Bredenkamp and Mugabe. He has a lot to lose to go against Mugabe. I am 100% convinced that where ever he is his main focus is his wealth and how he should not piss off Mugabe."

Shumba said he don't forget about this man because he know very well the dangers they face everyday from opposing a system he helped to craft.

"I don't forget. Do you? We should not despair, Zimbabwe has enough fresh and untainted sons and daughters who can lead and easily give Zimbabwe a Fresh Start towards the rebuilding of our broken down country. Our struggle is not removing Mugabe only but removing the repressive, inept and corrupt system that Mugabe created. Mnangagwa was part of it," he said.

Source - Byo24News