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The meteoric rise of Presia Ngulube - MRP Vice President

by Thulani Nkala
14 Nov 2017 at 06:51hrs | Views
In our Leaders Corner programme today we have the Vice President of Mthwakazi Republic Party(MRP), Ms Presia Ngulube. The Leaders Corner programme is an innovation and forum for sharing ideas, it will focus on all forms of leadership in Mthwakazi and elsewhere, be it in politics, social, business, showbiz, religious etc. When you feel that you have ideas to share please get in touch and we will robustly engage you. I also invite writers to utilise this platform. Interviewer - Thulani Nkala (TN) and the Leader - Presia Ngulube (PN).
TN: When did you join the Mthwakazi Republic Party?

PN: Before joining MRP I was in the Concerned Matabeleland Youth  organisation. While I was there I learnt that as a pressure group whenever we engaged political organisations or other groups they always wanted to know our ideology and ideological leaning and as to who our mother body was.

That was when we had to decide either to grow into a political party or to join other political parties.

Fortunate enough for me my decision was cut out for me as that was the time when MRP decided to have a South African Provincial structure. So I was one of the first members in the South African province in 2015.

I began in the Women's League Organ of the Party, from there I was elected into the Provincial Executive Committee. I was then elevated to the National executive committee. In preparation for the forthcoming elections, I was this year at the launch of our manifesto appointed as the Vice President of the Party. My brief includes working closely with the National Chairperson of the Party in ensuring that decisions made are actually implemented, MRP is an action oriented Party.

TN: Why did you join MRP?

PN: I am actually attracted to its energy and vibrancy due to its youthful leadership, I feel I am among the equals I am not being judged for being a woman and for being young, I fit perfectly in the Party.
I totally and wholly believe in self-determination as espoused by the MRP. For me I believe that any nation in the world which has been crushed and subjected to a genocide need to exercise their right to self-determination. As uMthwakazi nation we have gone through various genocides and we are perpetually being threatened with the 2nd gukurahundi genocide. We are not safe as a nation and we will never be safe until we choose to exercise our right to self-determination as a people.

Before joining MRP I had the opportunity to study various Pro-Mthwakazi Restoration movements' literature including their constitutions, to me the MRP message was clear, simple and appealing to me. I realised that the MRP is the vehicle which embodies all Mthwakazi people's aspirations and hopes.

MRP has marshalled a compelling argument about Mthwakazi Restoration as a process but not an event, hence the three point plan which is as follows:

1. First stage is to mobilise our people through robust engagements. In the fulfilment of this objective we have engaged in meetings, rallies, distribution of Party literature and having roadshows. The second element to this objective is to contest or take part in the forthcoming elections fully and fearlessly. Our position on elections is very clear it is to contest only in our country Mthwakazi, we have no business in Zimbabwe, let them contest there. We aim to win parliamentary and council seats.

2. The 2nd stage of our 3 point Plan is to engage the International Community through our yet to be established International Lobby committee. In this committee we aim to be as Inclusive as practically possible by engaging various stakeholders such as churches; civic organisations; other political parties; traditional leadersphip; the diaspora community; Mthwakazi business people; our elected councillors and parliamentarians among other stakeholders. This is to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of other organisations and individuals towards the restoration of Mthwakazi. Unity will liberate us. We believe that as Mthwakazi we have what it takes to liberate ourselves.
We have also launched our online petition that we will use as part of our international campaign for Restoration.

We also intend to launch a Mthwakazi Parliament soon after elections, where we will be discussing our Mthwakazi issues before we table them anywhere else.

TN: What is your job role in MRP?

PN: I have been tasked with the supervision of the party's administration as well as being the leader of Bulawayo province, as our capital city we need Bulawayo to be vibrant.

I have also been tasked with the supervision of the Womens League structures, while trying by all means possible to inspire fellow young Mthwakazi women to join politics and take part in decision making processes. Right now we are encouraging the youth to participate as Councillors and MPs, especially the girl child.

MRP does not discriminate, it actively promotes gender balance, some of us in leadership positions can testify to that.

TN: What is your political philosophy or political beliefs?
PN: I believe that since Matabeleland and Mashonaland were merged together without our consent in 1923. It is our right to demand a Referendum. My political philosophy is that I am not different from men in any way, I can go as far as men can go or beyond.

People must never be discriminated against, based on their gender, tribe or education. Africa must move away from always demanding reconciliation, its time we focus on Justice, so that perpetrators of political violence, and or any form of Human Rights abuses are brought to book.

TN: What is your assessment of the Mthwakazi Restoration agenda, what stage is it at?, what are the barriers and difficulties faced, and what is going well?

PN: My assessment is that it is possible to achieve our goal of an Independent and sovereign state of Mthwakazi in our life time. Right now we are still at the stage of conscientising our people and psychologically reawakening them, because there are some who are yet to understand where we are coming from and where we are going and we need to exercise patience with those.

The difficulties we face are that both the MDC and ZANU PF have taught our people that politics is about personal enrichment, since both of them are donor funded. Yet we do not have donor funding and we want our people to go back to the old ZAPU philosophy of selflessness, sacrifice and servant leadership.

The party belongs to the people of Midlands and Matabeleland and they fund it through their little contributions they always make. And some of our people are yet to learn that. We believe that is the best way for people to have a voice, we are yet to reach that level yet.

Since our people were butchered during the 1983 to 87 genocide, fear has been instilled in them, the Mthwakazi society has been deliberately fragmented and disoriented. Our job is to recover their confidence, unshackle them from the fear, inspire their hopes and to give them the skills and tools necessary for their liberation.

TN: Thank you Ms Ngulube for blessing our programme with your presence, we hope we will be able to catch up with you in the near future to hear of your party's progress.

PN: It's my pleasure, thanks for the opportunity to share our ideas with the world.

That was Ms Presia Ngulube the 27 year old leader of the MRP. She clearly strongly believes in the principle of self-determination and feels that Mthwakazi's only chance of survival lies in exercising this right.

If you have ideas you wish to share please contact us at and on our whatsapp number 07500563916.

Source - Thulani Nkala