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Where was Chiwenga when our People were butchered during Gukurahundi?

by Stephen Jakes
15 Nov 2017 at 09:19hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party President Mqondisi Moyo has said the level of hypocrisy and grandstanding by the Zimbabwe military through Constantine Chiwengwa cannot go unchallenged if the unfolding events in this demonic possessed and cursed country are anything to go by.

He said it is true that Zimbabwe was indeed founded on myth and lies as well as on tribalism and hate language.

"I am vividly reminded of sentiments raised by the late founding nationalist Dr Joshua Nkomo in his book; the Story of my life page 112, paragraph 3, I quote.  He said ,"

"The first indication I had that something was wrong came in Nairobi, on the way to Addis. My Egyptian friend Mohammed Faiek suddenly put a completely unexpected question: 'Is Zapu still one party? what tribe do you belong to?' I said I did not know what he meant. ' Are you Ndebele?' asked Mohammed. 'Yes, that is what I speak, but what do you mean?' I asked.

He said Mohammed seemed surprisingly well informed.

"He explained that he had been told that the Shonas were the majority tribe, and that there was a move by them to take over the leadership of the party. I explained that our tribal situation was not nearly as clear-cut as he seemed to think, and wondered where he had got these dangerous ideas from. Mohammed finished up with a warning: ' You watch out, there's a problem in your party," he said.

"At the Addis Ababa meeting I found out what he meant, when Leopold Takawira and his friends launched their campaign against my leadership. They started in the full glare of publicity, in a way calculated to damage our cause as much as possible. The OAU offered us a splendid opportunity to gain the attention of the world's press, and our press conference was booked for 2pm one day, the best time for the news media throughout Africa and Europe."

"Our publicity committee had agreed on a formal statement on the case for Zimbabwean independence,which I was to read before answering questions. The typing and copying of the statement as a press hand- out was the responsibility of the publicity secretary, Robert Mugabe. I arrived with 1hr 30 minutes to spare to get ready and prepare the answers to likely questions- but by the time the journalists arrived, neither Mugabe nor the copies of the statement were available."

He said he had to make some impromptu remarks and apologize for the lack of the press statement that had been promised.

"Mugabe' s absence was clearly deliberate, done to embarrass me and sabotage our chance of publicity. My friends confirmed this, asserting that he has fallen under the influence of his old mentor, Leopold Takawira. I regretted this all the more for being manifest in public.Joseph Msika, then deputy treasurer of Zapu ,had an even more disturbing experience. He saw one of our colleagues, Washington Malianga, nervously hiding away a printed document. Joseph asked to see it, Washington refused, so Joseph snatched it away and read it," he said.

"He found it was a circular openly urging Zapu to bring the ' majority tribes' to the leadership of the party, and to get rid of the ' Zimundebere', which is a derogatory term in the Shona language for the old Ndebele man'. That meant me : the attack was  a straight incitement to tribal feeling against me. Joseph gave the wretched document back to Malianga, who tore it up and pretended it had never existed".

He said these words are a clear indication that shonas have never been sincere with Ndebele people and this is even reflected by their connivance with the whites in the battle of Gadade of 1893 where 652 shona batsmen fought on the angle of whites with Ndebele people.

"The million dollar question is now that the army generals are screaming loudly on the sacking of Mnangagwa, why did they keep quite when more than 50 000 innocent Mthwakazi people were killed, raped and maimed. The military is always saying it is apolitical and stand to defend the country and its citizenry which to us is a fallacy because they failed to defend our people from the fifth brigade which was led by Perence Shiri and the other commanders like Chiwengwa and others directly or indirectly," he said.

"The fact that people like Chiwengwa kept quite when our people were killed for no apparent justification shows that they clearly understood that Gukurahundi was perpetrated against another nation by Zimbabwe as a stand alone nation.
Why will the army generals come out guns blazing in defence of Mnangangwa Emerson as an individual yet they could not call Robert Mugabe to order to stop the killings of more than 50 000 innocent souls.In fact, Emerson Mnangagwa is alive but it appears as if he has been killed. It is the same Mnangagwa and people like Chiwengwa who masterminded the killings of our people.Where was Chiwengwa and his military gangsters to defend Dumiso Dabengwa and the late Lookout Masuku when they were left to rot in prison for the treason charge they never committed? Lookout Masuku was to later die in his hospital bed under prison guard and 'you' Chiwengwa and your colleagues never uttered a word condemning the humiliation of these Zipra commanders."

"We are very much aware that as the army generals and ZANU PF  leadership you masterminded this satanic treatment of our esteemed heroes because you wanted to destroy all the legacy of ZAPU and Zipra as you continue to do that even up to this point in time.Let those with eyes see,those with ears hear and those with mouths talk as the time to do what is right is now. We warn all Mthwakazi people to desist from propelling shonas to where they do not belong.
The time to fight and defend Mthwakazi people is now, we know that Zimbabwe does not belong to us.Why did Chiwengwa and army generals keep quite when Jabulani Sibanda was expelled from ZANU as the leader of War Veterans? Why did the army generals keep quite just recently when retired colonel Tshinga Dube was fired from the ministry of War Veterans?"

He said why did the army generals kept quite when Joshua Nkomo and all the ZAPU leadership were fired from government in 1982?

"Why did they keep quite when Joshua Nkomo was driven out of the country to seek for refugee in the UK in 1983 when Zimbabwe was already three years independent?. We urge all Mthwakazi people not to involve themselves in this satanic Shona fight for supremacy. We have our own battle to fight and achieve. The battle for Mthwakazi restoration which is in the hands of unrepentant shonas.

"Ubaba uNkomo wathi bazakulwa kusukela khonale eSalisbury kodwa lina  lingaphatheki kulokhu kuxokozela. True to his words the fighting has begun and it's irreversible. Amazwi omuntu omdala kawaweli phansi. "Woe unto to those who see the house burning and they rush inside claiming to want to put off the fire". This is a stern warning to all Ndebeles to stop aiding these shonas from their circus. When they regroup they will devour on you.We are yet to see how sincere is Chiwengwa on his issued threats because we are convinced that Shonas have never initiated a thing on their own.They never resisted whites attacks, they never initiated the liberation struggle. In all the battles it has always been the initiatives of Ndebele people."

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