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The tyrant Mugabe is dethroned - Long live an independent Matebeleland

16 Nov 2017 at 05:07hrs | Views
Matabeleland, a founding member of the OEAS, the Organization of Emerging African States, is now celebrating the ouster of Robert Mugabe from Zimbabwe and the impending end of the state of Zimbabwe, a thinly disguised recreation of colonial Southern Rhodesia.
OEAS proposes a two-state solution to be implemented immediately, Matabeleland and Mashonaland, with a border roughly approximating the borders prior to the establishment of Southern Rhodesia.
Additionally, OEAS advises:
The composition of the Interim Government of Matabeleland should be inclusive and include the Mthwakazi Liberation Front and supporters of the royal family.
War criminals associated with the former government of Mugabe should be detained for trial by an international chaired tribunal under the guidance of the Interim Government.
All property belonging to the former state of Zimbabwe should be seized for safekeeping.
A Restitution and Reconciliation Commission should be formed at the earliest possible opportunity to address and rectify historic injustices visited on all resident of Matabeleland by the former regime.
OEAS congratulates the people of Matabeleland on their good fortune and urges them to act quickly before outside powers move to prop up the corrupt Zimbabwe state which owes billions of dollars to creditors in Europe and Asia.

Source - OEAS