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'Central locking stops STIs'

by Staff reporter
19 Nov 2017 at 08:40hrs | Views
Self-proclaimed prophet Madzibaba Steven Mugariri of Chitungwiza says his "central locking system" helps combat HIV and Aids, and infidelity.

The prophet instructs clients to purchase a padlock.

After performing a ritual, he tells the client to lock it up, and once that is done the client's partner experiences sexual dysfunction if they try to have intercourse with anyone else. At worst, the straying partner's private parts disappear.he prophet instructs clients to purchase a padlock.

The locks are left at Madzibaba Steven's shrine, and only he can unlock them. He says the system fights infidelity and controls the spread of STIs, HIV and Aids.

"Because of the rate of people who come seeking prayers for their cheating partners, I came up with a lock up system," said Madzibaba Steven.

One of his congregants, Madzimai Maria added: "Many couples are indulging in extra-marital affairs and this is creating chaos in most marriages."

She said women usually suffer most when it came to infidelity and sexually transmitted diseases hence it was usually females who sought the central locking system.

But popular television talk show host Dr Rebecca Chisamba said where true love and God ruled, there would be no need for such things.

"People should fear their vows and trust has to be mutual. People have been swept off their feet because they need solutions, but above all it is only God and true love that save a marriage from infidelity," she said.

The president of the Zimbabwe National Practitioners Association, Sekuru Friday Chisanyu, said the central locking system needed some fine-tuning.

He said the system had to cater for all women in a polygamous union.

"There is need for this lock-up system to be revised so that it satisfies all the formal wives," he said.

Traditionally there has been "runyoka" handed down through generations.

It is used to impart the consequences of cheating and importance of remaining faithful to each other but however the system gave all formal wives their conjugal benefits.

Currently the country's HIV prevalence rate stands at 14 percent and approximately 1, 4 million Zimbabweans are living with HIV.

In Zimbabwe more women have a higher HIV and AIDS prevalence rate than men because most women fail to negotiate for safe sex than men even if they know their husband has several other partners.

According to a National Annual 2016 Core Output Indicator report, 181 154 Sexually Transmitted Infection cases were recorded in the year 2016 which is a pointer that can prompt new cases of HIV infections.

Currently drug-resistant sexually transmitted infections have hit the country with 3 836 cases recorded in Masvingo between January and June this year alone.

Source - sundaymail