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Mugabe is still President of Zimbabwe

by Staff reporter
19 Nov 2017 at 21:00hrs | Views
Mugabe's Address to the Nation:

President Robert Mugabe just completed his address to the nation. Highlights:

- Mugabe entered a room lined with generals, and other security leaders.

- He read his speech, generals to his right, suits to his left, Father Fidelis Mukonori right next to him.

- Address to the nation after meeting with security leaders.

- Mugabe acknowledged the issues raised by the security forces, despite not entirely agreeing with the way that they were raised.

- Acknowledged the concerns raised by the people of Zimbabwe

- Mugabe does not believe the operation was a threat to him, or the constitutional order or his authority as president

- A sense of collegiality and comradeship arising from today's meeting.

- Government will continue to improve the economy.

- Mugabe: Open public spats between high ranking officials in the party... made the criticisms levelled against us inescapable.

- Mugabe: The tradition of resistance is our collective legacy.

- Mugabe paid tribute to the liberation-war credentials of his generals.

- Mugabe: We must all recognise that their participation in the war (veterans) exacted life-long costs.

- Mugabe: In respect of the demands of the party and its leadership, they stand to be acknowledged and attended to.

- Mugabe: I am aware that as a party of liberation - Zanu-PF has written elaborate rules and procedures.

- Mugabe: There has to be a net return to the guiding principle of our party...The era of victimisation and arbitrary decision must be put behind.

- Zanu PF is a party of tradition.

- Party must have a welding of older players as well as newer entrants through a well defined sense of hierarchy. These matters will be discussed at forthcoming Congress.

- Zanu-PF congress will be held in a few weeks from now. Mugabe will preside over‼️

- Mugabe: As I conclude this address, I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party, given the failings of the past, and the anger these might have triggered in some quarters.

- Mugabe: We cannot be guided by bitterness or vengefulness.

- We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions in a comradely Zimbabwean spirit.

- Mugabe: I am confident that from tonight our whole nation ... will put shoulder to the wheel. Let us all move forward reminding ourselves of our wartime mantra.

- He thanked everyone and wished them good night.

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