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SA has proved to be an enemy of the people of Zimbabwe, only Bots is a good friend

by Stephen Jakes
20 Nov 2017 at 07:30hrs | Views
A political commentator Prince Kwenda‚Äé have said South Africa has proved to be more than an enemy to the people of Zimbabwe by choosing to protect an individual in the name of Robert Mugabe at the expense of the masses of Zimbabweans some of them who had to seek refugee in that country.

He said even the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) was "quiet" when Mugabe was unleashing a rein of terror during elections, endorsing them as free and fair when they were rigged, even as people in rural areas were brutalised, decapitated, murdered, and forced to vote ZANU PF.

"Activists like Itai Dzamara etal were made to disappear and SADC never bothered to make the leadership answerable. Former SA president Thabo Mbeki even invented what became known as "Quiet Diplomacy"....which in essence meant looking the other way as a tyrant decimated his own countrymen. Now, all of a sudden SADC and AU have found their voice and muscle because Mugabe is being "persuaded politely to leave office," he said.

"..... One thing is clear in all this... South Africa does not want a strong neighbour. They want Zimbabwe to remain weak, both economically and politically, just so we remain a consumer country. They want us to be buying from them and supporting their Industry. In 1999 Hyundai set up in Botswana. Instead of helping support a neighbour a group of SA vehicle manufacturers teamed up in 2009/10 and bought it, dismantled it and shipped the plant and equipment to SA."

He said Botswana's President, Ian Khama has been a lone voice in Africa against Mugabe, and yet the AU and SADC tried everything in their book to isolate and ostracise him, for taking a stand against a tyrant.

"Yes Africa laughs at us for taking refuge in their countries, in SA, Zimbabweans have been lynched and burned alive, yet nobody raised a voice or finger. Now that there is a glimmer of hope, now that the people of Zimbabwe have taken it upon themselves to determine their own destiny, their military has created an opportunity to repair their own country and make it habitable SADC and AU think they should intervene and save Mugabe....If all these organisations exist just to save leaders and not the people, then there is nothing in them for us. Who needs an enemy when one has friends like these? Where were they all along? We are better off alone, I suggest we de-register ourselves from them. Zimbabwe we are on our own," he said.

The remarks when SA President Jacob Zumu seem to be evasive on the issue of current political developments in Zimbabwe with his remarks sounding like he seek to proetct his friend Robert Mugabe and make him retain power in the advent of the masses having shown that they no longer want.

Analysts are saying Zuma and his SADC are a potential threat to the security of Zimbabwe as their advice seem to insinuate that they want Mugabe to stay in power no matter what. They say this my lead to civil unrest as citizens may explode in violence scenes if their peaceful expressions on Saturday seem to have been ignored.

Source - Byo24News