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Mliswa reprimand opposition over Zanu PF betrayed them claims

by Stephen Jakes
20 Nov 2017 at 13:42hrs | Views
Norton Independent legislator Temba Mliswa has advised the opposition members to stop saying that Zanu PF betrayed them in the whole mass action saga calling for President Robert Mugabe to resign indicating that opposition is opposition and Zanu PF remains Zanu PF.

This comes after outcry following Patrick Chinamasa's remarks that Zanu PF does not need opposition in its affairs and government because it is the ruling party.

"The opposition can never say that Zanu PF betrayed them- Zanu PF remains Zanu PF and the Opposition remains the Opposition. But remember that in Politics, there are no permanent enemies, but permanent interests. Our interest is that Mugabe has to go," Mliswa said.

But his remarks drew a lot of comments from twitter uses.

 Miles Milly‏  said "So we will let Zanu and Chinamasa get rid of your old man.. as the opposition we are now bystanders from now on!!"

Tapfuma Mavhuranzira said "Of which movement are you a spokesperson and how many parliamentary seats do you hold?"

But Miles Milly‏ said "That's neither here nor there bambo.. get to your point??"

Tapfuma Mavhuranzira‏ said "You just made a ridiculous and ludicrous statement the opposition are now bystanders and I want to know which opposition party you speak for!"

Miles Milly‏ said "Chinamasa insinuated that this is an internal issue; as supported by Temba here; so as I'm not a Zanu Pf supporter I'm respecting that and letting you deal with your issues!! Whether impeachment or marches; Zanu chiitai mega!!"

Tapfuma Mavhuranzira‏ said "Unfortunately your view is ill-advised, but fortunately, it is not supported by opposition. MDC will vote against Mugabe."

Moses Marimo‏ said "If the opposition wants to be selfish, they will not support Mugabe Must Go move because if Mugabe stays, Zanu PF weakens furthers. A plus for opposition! The one being selfish is you, Temba because you are pre-occupied with bidding to get back into Zanu PF!"

"Can we honestly conclude that since 1980 Mugabe and the other target criminals by ZDF are the only culprits in Zanu PF?,if yes then this will be a award winning joke, we need true change not Zanu pf power struggles."

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