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Mugabe has no powers to announce his resignation

by Stephen Jakes
21 Nov 2017 at 09:54hrs | Views
The leader of 'This Constitution' - Abigale Mupambi - has said President Robert Mugabe has no guts to resign in public and would not have done so when expected to do so on Sunday night.

"I see many people are disappointed following  Mugabe, s failure to announce his resignation last night. First of all, Mugabe had no mandate to publicly announce his resignation. Also, he has to give a written letter of such to the speaker of parliament who is directed by section 96 of our constitution to announce that within 24 hours. Whether Mugabe has resigned or not remains unknown for now," she said.

"Its important to take note that its not very late for such an announcement if he indeed resigned or yet to resign all the same do not expect him to say so to the public at first.To me his address was meant to just facilitate his contact with the people as he try to mend the damages made to his image though its too late for such. The speech is somehow meant to give an impression that Mugabe is not under pressure or forced into any decision which is far from the truth. lt is now precedence; case of Kudzanai Chipanga who recently offered an apology to the generals and claim he did it without any force, at his own will as a young man still growing bla shall be the case of Mugabe."

"Let's us wait and see as events unfold ,surely if Mugabe resigned or is yet to the speaker will accordingly announce such."

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