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Who is Father Fidelis Mukonori SJ, Mugabe's Handler and Chief Negotiator?

by Stephen Jakes
21 Nov 2017 at 10:25hrs | Views
The word SJ means Society of Jesus. It is an elite Catholic Intelligence Unit found in almost all countries around the world. Its members are sworn on an Oath of Secrecy to serve and protect the Pope, The Catholic Church and Members worldwide.

The SJs have a direct reporting structure directly to the Vatican. They rule the world and today are the most powerful group when it comes to the installation and demotion of Presidents worldwide.

They are elite trained assasins both by the bullet and other poisoning means, covert and overt operations. They eliminate if interests don't serve the Papacy and can frustrate any leadership arrangement that has no blessings of the Pope.

Talk of the Middle East, Lybia, Haiti not forgetting JFK assasin who is believed to have been a  Priest. They are the only ones who can forgive the Pope and are led by the Black Pope who is their Commander in Chief.

Just want you to know that Mugabe was trained by SJs, installed as a leader through their efforts(read history and how those who were real freedom fighters were eliminated just as the war was about to end to pave way for his ascendancy, Even Nkomo was almost assassinated) .

If demands are not met that favors the Holy See I don't see Zimbabwe having a new leadership soon. I foresee civil unrest flowing of blood brought to the fore by the Master Assasins as they are good at that. For history research on the Tutsis and the Hutus in Rwanda, Hitler, Napoleon, you will notice the hand of the church behind.

The more we delay to put a solution to our Zimbabwean problem the more a bigger card will be played against those that had brought us a glimpse of relief to the things bedevilling our country. Zimbabwe cannot be another Rwanda, Lybia and Haiti were the Jesuit operations eliminated a lot innocent lives. We pray for our leaders to seek God as they preside over the Leadership issue of this country.

Zimbabweans let's pray as our Situation is more spiritual than physical. A dark force is knocking on our country. God help us. It is bigger than just the presidency of Zimbabwe but it's a New World Order Agenda.

Source - Byo24News