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Mnangagwa's slogan 'pasi nemhandu' must stop - PDZ

by Stephen Jakes
24 Nov 2017 at 07:20hrs | Views
Progressive Democrats Zimbabwe leader Barbra Nyagomo has warned the incoming President Emmerson Mnangagwa to stop forthwith his slogan 'pasi nemhandu' as it divides the people on partisan lines when the struggle which saw him elevated to the presidency involved everyone.

Mnangagwa has gained popularity in Zanu PF through his slogan pasi nemhanduuuuu.

"I think that slogan should only be used in Zanu Pf meetings. It is every Zimbabwean who took to the streets to get to this point. It does not mean that we joined Zanu PF, but we want a free and fair Zimbabwe. We accept him as our president and the future should include ALL Zimbabweans. That slogan does not bring the nation together," Nyagomo said.

"Mhandu (Enemy) to who? This has such negative energy. #NotaZimbabwewewant

The way leaders speak and address the nation needs to change. The country does not belong to one party. We need a paradigm shift.


Source - Byo24News