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Prophet Chiza premieres movie

by Staff reporter
03 Dec 2017 at 08:23hrs | Views
AFTER he recently launched his book, Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza, founder of Eagle Life Ministries has proven that he is a doer of his word as his long awaited movie - Accusations premiered last week at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

The movie was written by Dr Prophet Chiza and directed by a seasoned scriptwriter Shadreck Chaparadza Mukumba.

The movie is about a young pastor who has just been ordained and most of the elders are jealous that the post has been given to a young preacher. The elders plan to cause his dismissal and downfall, they accuse the young pastor of doing gimmicks at church. They go to the extent of bribing a church member to pretend that the pastor raped her.

The movie is a two-part movie in which part two is full of action and surprises. It is also a fusion of music and scriptures which also encompass comics, so to make the audience feel light hearted while watching.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Prophet Chiza said his visits to courts and prisons inspired him to come up with such a movie which bears lessons for fellow brethrens in churches.

"I came up with this production after counselling many pastors, some in prisons and some in courts who got into trouble because of accusations. I noticed that most men of the cloth are just put into trouble because of accusations that are easily accepted without taking proper channels in investigating the issue.

"So my message in this movie to people is that let us not just believe every allegation levelled against men of God and take advantage of their office without using biblical standards on how to go about it. The Bible says do not entertain accusations against a man of God without two or three witnesses (1Timothy 5v17-19)," he said.

Dr Prophet Chiza described the movie premiere as a success.

"We are happy about the attendance. It was the best of all our launches so far of artistic works and as Eagle life productions we would like to thank all the people for the support that they gave and showed to us especially our scriptwriter and editors who agreed to working with us," he said.

The movie is set to be released on the national television as well as on DStv on Africa Magic.

"The movie industry is going to be paying and soon we will be producing standard movies just like Nigeria and we are targeting on starting from home then they will be aired on DStv," he said.

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