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New education minister must respect people's will and stop fronting Dokora Curriculum

by Stephen Jakes
12 Dec 2017 at 06:29hrs | Views
Ex Zipra cadre Max Mkandla has warned the new minister of Primary and secondary education Paul Mavima that if he want to be popular with citizens he must stop recklessly fronting the education curriculum introduced by former minister Lazaras Dokora that was condemned by citizens.

Mavima following his appointment as minister announced that there was no change in the curriculum introduced by Dokora saying the same is going on unchanged despite the celebrations by citizens that Dokora had been fired hoping the curriculum would be dumped as well.

"While we accept that we are living in a different global world, the statement by Mavima that the policy implemented by Dokora will stay is an insult to the citoizens. Dokora's departure was celebrated by citizens in the hope that his curriculum will be put to an end. The nation must agree that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is not implementing the policies of Robert Mugabe which were rejected by the people," Mkandla said.

"People are looking for total change of attitude from government and system especially in the education sector which has been destroyed to Dokora. It is the system that caused the people to celebrate when Dokora and Mugabe were removed. Mnangagwa must double check the curriculum if he wants to remain popular with the people."

He said it was sad that Mavima seemed to be very happy to carry on with the policy which is being rejected by the people and wondered whom do he thinks he serves if the people are not happy with him.

Mkandla said Mavima might be happy and see no problem with the curriculum because he does not have a child at local schools.

"Zimbabwe has been rated the highest in terms of education and people like Mavima are doctors and di not go through such a curriculum what is that is important in bringing Islamic in a Christian dominated nation?" Mkandla said. "Mavima must seek to change that policy or he must get out. If people managed to demonstrate for Mugabe to go what can stop them to call for him to leave office if he does not listen to them?"

"He must reform or ship out and the president must not allow overzealous characters to taint his newly promising government with careless remarks."

Source - Byo24News