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Mutsvangwa, a careless and reckless politician, cries Mthwakazi party

by Stephen Jakes
13 Dec 2017 at 07:26hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has  condemned with the strongest terms possible the careless and satanic influenced utterances by Christopher Mutsvangwa, one of the key plotters of the current coup leadership, that recently took power from the ailing and the longest serving dictator and violator of human rights Robert Mugabe.

MRP secretary general Hloniphani Ncube said Mutsvangwa is the mentor who inspired  murderers like Emmerson Mnangagwa and initiated the likes of Mutsvangwa and the upcoming generations to be heartless.

"As Mthwakazi Republic Party, such utterances by Mnangagwa's aid were unfortunate, though anticipated. This must come as a warning to our people that more of such cold utterances and attitudes must be expected from these elements  of gukurahundists. We expected nothing from Mnangagwa other than further instilling hatred, fear and bringing fresh memories of gukurahundi," he said.

"Mutsvangwa demonstrated his ignorance on the consequences, to Mnangagwa's administration, of neglecting this horror of the past that they are trying to relegate to the bygones. Such sentiments coming from the perpetrators are nothing but a call for prolonging the suffering of the victims.  I want to warn Mnangagwa and his foolish aid that, the victims of gukurahundi have not forgotten what the people of Mashonaland did to the people of Mthwakazi and you are yet to hear more and feel more of the demand for justice from our people. It is clear that we are speaking from two separate states, because Zimbabwe is Important to you while Mthwakazi lives matter to us."

He said unlike what other  people say on social forums, the truth is that gukurahundi was mechanised by the Shona through their institution formed for that particular purpose.

"It started with the deceptive Zanu exit from ZAPU, which preached oneness. It is not suprising why, despite the record breaking leadership failures, that the people of Mashonaland cling to Zanu PF. It is a system that protect their interests and self made dominion over Mthwakazi people. Zanu PF, in the eyes of the Shona people is credited for bringing them political power which enabled them to enjoy the bigger part of the economic cake," he said.

 "When the old gukurahundist was no longer able to implement the 1979 grand plan, beginning to break the code by trusting  such people like Mphoko and Jonathan, we even saw Shona oppositions like MDCs  assisting Mnangagwa to ascend to the throne. This proves that, the Mthwakazi problems are institutionalised and as Mthwakazians we need to be aware of that reality. As a people centred movement, we call on our people to be bold enough and do their bit to grow their own movement, Mthwakazi Republic Party whose ideas are centred on restoration of our nationhood. Let's all at once endeavour and prepare to gain our political  space,  come 2018 elections. We know that, the army has been deployed to intimidate our people to vote the satanic government of Munangagwa, but your vote which is your secret is the biggest weapon that the Army will never stand against."
"We make a clarion call to the world to condemn such leaders like Mutsvangwa."

"We are also surprised by even those of our own who are calling for Mnangagwa to apologize and compensate the victims of Gukurahundi. No amount of money equates to a single life taken away by these heinous maderours. We urge our people to allow the constitution for which Mnangagwa pledged allegiance to, to pronounce justice on this matter. If indeed Zimbabwe is a constitutional state,  then we have to allow justice to prevail. The issue of loss of life and property, that demands compensation must be treated differently from the issue of criminality in the form of a genocide, that deserves justice."

He said they are not desperate for the sympathy of killers or any so called truth and reconciliation ministry or bill.

"We have healed from the trauma on our own hence we are now sober enough to demand justice. We have even reconciled, but only justice, as pronounced in the national constitution is still pending," he said.

Source - Byo24News