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'Mutsvangwa is purely a Gukurahundist'

by Stephen Jakes
15 Dec 2017 at 08:23hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front has described special adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a Gukurahundists who is not repenatnt at all.

"It did not come as a surprise to us as MLF to hear Christopher Mutsvanga uttering such a reckless and poisonous statement about the Gukurahundi closure. All that people and world need to know is, who is Christopher Mutsvangwa and who is he speaking in his defence," said MLF.

"As MLF, we have it on record that Christopher Mutsvangwa is that evil man who ripped open the womb of a Tsholotsho woman with a bayonet in February 1983 and went on to lead the gang rape of a woman in Plumtree in full view of her children and husband they had tied on a tree."

He said the party said Mutsvangwa is a shameless, notorious serial killer and rapist whose past thugery life is going to haunt him until he is thrown into his grave.

"We have it on record that Mutsvangwa finds himself as the advisor to Mnangagwa because he has nothing special to offer but simply because as the partners in the Gukurahundi crimes, he is next to him so they can as one fight off any attempts to expose their ills.  What Christopher lacks to understand is that, ' ihloka liyakhohlwa kodwa isihlahla soze safa sakhohlwa'. We cannot forget about the killing of our loved ones in cold blood especially when we still cross paths with them," said the party.

"We pray that God spare them more years in life until they witness the liberation of Mthwakazi State. That is when Christopher will take to the dock and tell the world how much is costs to kill a Mthwakazi people and further ascertain the world the permanent closure of the killing have indeed been met. It is not long before we get to you Chris."

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