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Grace Mugabe's PhD scandal a tip of an iceberg - Analyst

by Stephen Jakes
06 Jan 2018 at 07:32hrs | Views
Former president Robert Mugabe shares a joke with his wife Grace who graduated with a doctorate of philosophy degree at the University of Zimbabwe in 2014 - ©2014
A political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya has said the former first lady Grace Mugabe's disputed PHD which he got from the University of Zimbabwe is a tip of an iceberg of the host of scandals in which many prominent people obtained their degrees at the institution.

This come in the wake of the Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission having initiated the probing of what transpired resulting to Grace getting the doctorate.

"So Grace Mugabe's 'PhD' was supervised by one Claude Mararike who himself does not have a PhD but a questionable professorship. Worse still the Department of Sociology where Grace allegedly got the higher degree from in the Faculty of Social Studies has no such records of her being a student and later on having done a PhD with them according to the department's petition," Ruhanya said.

"How scandalous can the UZ be? This is a tip of the iceberg of the rot at UZ where undeserving but politically connected unqualified people some of them concubines of politicians and connected state bureaucrats lecture at UZ. Several concubines, relatives of politicians and state bureaucrats who are under-qualified but head departments and so-called sections at UZ."

He said how can former UZ graduates now PhD holders from universities of Oxford, LSE, Westminster, Minnesota, New York, Essex etc not teach at UZ?

Source - Byo24News