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Mnangagwa perfects Mugabe agenda

by Stephen Jakes
17 Jan 2018 at 09:31hrs | Views
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A political commentator Obert Mundevere has said President Emmerson Mnangagwa seems to have perfected Robert Mugabe's agenda of "winning elections without an agenda for development" policy.

He said with all hospitals in Zimbabwe having old and unreliable ambulances one would have thought the so called New Era ,Mnangagwa government priority would be to provide improve the health delivery system.

"Mnangagwa thought the health of poor povo wasn't important than the highly monthly paid chiefs.Zimbabweans respect the institution of traditional leaders but they can not be heaped with gifts whilst their subjects , the taxpayers are suffering. The Chiefs who were given $80 000 worth of cars each would have appreciated if every hospital or district had been given an ambulance as it was going to save lives," he said.

"Mnangagwa must understand that our roads are in such a bad state and accidents claim lives on a daily basis. However some lives could be saved had we had enough and reliable ambulances to ferry injured accident-victims .The priority of ZanuPF led by Mnangagwa is just as that of his former master Robert Mugabe."

He said in rural areas pregnant women often die before they get medical care just because the areas in which stay dont have ambulances.

"If Mnangagwa government was pro-poor it would have known that priority was to have ambulances for every Zimbabwean rather than for few individuals. The situation we are demands that Zimbabweans understand than its not respect of Chiefs but only done as a way of buying their loyalty. Traditional leaders are given cars few months before elections?? Mnangagwa wants the chiefs to frogmarch their subjects to vote ZanuPF. It important that villagers(voters ) to understand that haumwiri mvura sadza radyiwa noumwe! ZanuPF must be treated with open gloves this elections as way to teach this rogue government that it must revise its priority list," he said.

"Its important that Zimbabweans of all political divide teach Mnangagwa and his ZanuPF that if it think that Chiefs are more important than the voters then it should get at least the Chief and his/her family votes only in each ward.Even those in ZanuPF must understand that voting a government of misplaced priority is injustice to Zimbabwean children who are under age to vote."

Source - Byo24News