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MRP conduct Tsholotsho South roadshow, rallies despite police ban

by Stephen Jakes
24 Jan 2018 at 07:30hrs | Views
Mthakazi Republic Party has conducted its roadshow and rallies in Tsholotsho despite police ban of the events.

The party said it continued to woo and interact with Mthwakazians in Tsholotsho on the 21st of January 2018.

"This successful  event, happened in the backdrop of a political denial for MRP by the Lupane district Superintendent, to hold a Road Show and three rallies in Tsholotsho. The tribal, political and unconstitutional  denial by the said superintendent Govo, became a blessing in disguise as it exposed the insincerity of the government of Mr Mnangagwa and his ilk. It also attracted, by default, a lot of local and international media coverage, to the credit of the cause of MRP," said the party.

"A determined group of fifteen activists braved the scorching heat to meet and explain the cause of MRP to the people. Most of the people were concurring with  MRP that the problems of Matabeleland are as a result of a hegemonic system that manifests itself in the form of a tribe, the Shona tribe. They lamented on the tendency by the government to flood Matabeleland schools, police stations, and government departments with Shona speaking employees at the expense of the local people. Some narrated their  horrific experiences in hands of the agents of Gukurahundi that massacred tens of thousands of Mthwakazi men and women."

The party said the team managed to cover such areas like Chefunye, Mbalibali, Mbamba, Mvundlana, Jahe, Ngqoya, Tsholotsho Centre and Nyamandlovu Centre.

"Reception was very positive in all these areas as evidenced by  requests for more rallies in the earliest possible future. The people's party also managed to interact with three chiefs and a number of village heads, who could not conceal their joy and acceptance of the MRP  team. Our inclination towards the revival of the culture and traditions of Mthwakazi, was hailed. One elderly uMlisa became over excited when the president of MRP gave evidence of the infringement of Mthwakazi culture as reflected in funeral proceedings where our people shake hands and dance through the nights proceeding burials. He promised to stamp out this shameful and imported act, within his area of jurisdiction," said the party.

"The MRP scoffed at the conduct of such parties like ZANU PF who train militias to torture and beat our elders during election time. He advised villagers to report such incidences of intimidation to MRP, as the party can not fold its hands and watch our people being brutalized into supporting the satanic ZANU PF party."

The party said in most of the areas visited by the MRP team, villagers expressed displeasure on the sitting  member of parliament  for Tsholotsho South, Zenzo Sibanda who is originally from Bhelingwe.

"Some claimed that he is of Shona origin and only came to Tsholotsho as a businessman.  The villagers narrated his abusive tendencies and his threats of ukubatshayisa ngezulu, as he is a Sangoma. They vowed that this time around, Zenzo Sibanda will not win in Tsholotsho South and that they will vote MRP," said the party.

One of the highlights of the Tsholotsho campaign trail was when an elderly man, a Moyo from one of the village's narrated his ordeal during the Gukurahundi time. "Saphepha ngenxa ka Thixo lamadlozi akithi" the man said. He said, had it not  the intervention of the late former president of Zimbabwe,  Canaan Banana, he would not have survived the torture he went through.

The MRP President assured the villagers that Gukurahundi would not happen again and that he and his leadership are prepared to lay their lives in defence of the freedom of Mthwakazi.

Source - Byo24News