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Kariba Mayor's Cheer Fund still alive

by Patsaka Trust Correspondent
25 Jan 2018 at 18:41hrs | Views
The Cheer Fund is one Kariba Municipality's social responsibility arm that has survived the tough and rough of the economy retaining a long legacy of colourful fundraising activities held late last year with a successful dinner at Tamarand Lodges, a Boat Cruise and donations from the local people and companies. The Fund has regularly given to charity, donating groceries to the elderly in the previous years. The 26th of January have been chosen again this year for Kariba to witness another of the occasion's spearheaded by the Municipality. It is that time again where the beneficiaries gather, dance and celebrate as a community at the Nyamhunga Housing offices to distribute the food hampers to the needy people who are picked from the Kariba Municipality wards.

Some will still argue that there has been a decline in the vibrancy of the Kariba Cheer Fund as compared to years gone by but the Municipality of Kariba has brought in Kariba Publicity Association and also encouraged the formation of a committee that has been at the forefront of making sure all will lead to smiles of the needy and elderly. Council has managed to return its relationship with most stakeholders who have also been acknowledged each year through a list that is kept as well as thank you letters. The professionalism seen in how Kariba has managed to account for every donation that comes might be one way why Kariba is also still regarded as one town which still has abstemious heads as leaders within the Municipality.

Kariba's newly appointed Director of Housing and Community Services who has been at the vanguard, Godfrey Magijani for some years has expressed his gratification to the committee that ran around and Kariba community for always rising up where and when there is need. He even expressed that things progressed well confirming that the new way or system employed recently meant to strengthen the Fund's effectiveness saw Municipality deploying one of their experienced employees for such throughout working with KPA Coordinator Cephas Shonhiwa who was also idyllic about the cheer funds. The Publicity Association as a membership based organisation based with driving Kariba publicity work beyond boarders has also been involved and worked well with the Municipality. While the Cheer Fund may seem less visible than in the past, its impact will always be felt by those whose lives are touched by it.

In view of bringing the Kariba community together, to make a difference in the years coming, the Fund would need to start thinking around hosting themed Dinners or breakfasts towards subsistence, clothing and education for the needy. The Totem Dinner  would be one such a cultural networking event targeting the corporate world, individuals and the even donor community at large to share Kariba much celebrated Tonga culture, Zimbabwe's various totems and culture associated with them for a worthy cause. Prominent artists such as Suluman Chimbetu, Albert Nyathi will entertain the guests as they enjoy some of the delicacies of our Kariba like the bream. The dress code for such dinners would bring a celebration of the African print fabric and other African inspired accessories like we witnessed some other time in Harare.

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Source - Patsaka Trust Correspondent