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Olinda drama scales new high

by Staff reporter
26 Jan 2018 at 05:41hrs | Views
OLINDA Chapel - whose claim to fame was the much publicised break-up with musician Stunner - has taken attention seeking to the highest level if the latest social media "prank" she pulled is anything to go by.

The famed celebrity American family - the Kardashians - will surely be left green with envy at Olinda's latest publicity stunt.

Taking to her favourite social media platform, Facebook, Olinda announced that her fiancé Njabulo Nkomo, otherwise known as Tytan Skhokho in music circles, had cheated on her.

Playing the role of a heartbroken cougar, Olinda seemed to have attracted the attention and sympathy she was craving for.

But it blew in her face when the not-so-gullible Facebook users questioned the motive behind the break-up claims.

"Okay so you were joking. What was the motive? That desperation for attention and publicity is just on another level of sadness," hit out one Thelma Will.

For Olinda all the negative comments only seemed to feed into the perfect buzz that she hoped the Facebook post would create as she thanked all those who tuned in to watch her charade.

"A very big shout-out to everyone that participated in spreading the news. Your efforts extremely made this a success. Especially kune vasinga fari (the haters).

"You put in the most work in ensuring that word (about the break-up) got around. Numbers don't lie, over 2 000 comments, more than 140 shares and almost 50 000 devices watched the live skit within 12hrs," the mother of three bragged.

According to her, attention seeking and marketing are of the "same WhatsApp group", to her it's mission accomplished as Tytan is trending.

Events manager for 3D events Mduduzi Mdlongwa told B-Metro that there was no good or bad publicity in the industry.

"Look at the likes of Pokello. There is nothing called bad publicity. Olinda made her own decision. A person's upbringing determines how a person does business. Some people play dirty to get ahead — that is their own way of doing business," said Mdlongwa.

However, he maintained that their company valued integrity over everything saying: "We don't play dirty or use pranks to get ahead, the truth is what propels our business."

Skhue of the Hambanobani fame chipped in saying that Olinda's actions would have an impact on how seriously people will take her in future.

"What she did is bad and it reflects badly on us women. Even though it was a joke how will her in-laws take her?

Tytan's image might have taken a knock because of her actions, the people don't forget and they will never take her seriously next time," she said.

Hate or love her Olinda is doing a good job in keeping social media users busy pondering on the inside juicy bits of her private life.

Source - bmetro