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Matabeleland electorate be careful about evil intentions of Jonathan Moyo on social media

by Nomazulu Thata
26 Jan 2018 at 21:10hrs | Views
We are indeed weary of Jonathan Moyo's tweets. At best he should give the electorate a break and he shuts up from wherever he is. The tweets relay the same message: GUGURAHUNDI! We shall lose this cause if we think that it's Mnangagwa and Chiwenga who was the only architect of the Gugurahundi atrocities according to Jonathan Moyo. All of them were the criminal cabals from both tribal sides: Shona and Ndebele. We should never lose our sight on that. In Mathebeleland we have the likes of Enos Nkala who was part of the grand plan to decimate the people of Mathebeleland. Enos Nkala even wished he could come across a river where he could wash away all his Ndebele-ness in him, and be Shona. We know all that.

On the other hand: when Jonathan Moyo left Zimbabwe for self-imposed-exile; curiously he thanked the former President Mugabe for serving him, and he further reiterated how proud he was to have served such an unparalleled iconic Robert Gabriel Mugabe to the end of his rule! Why would Jonathan again shout Gugurahundi far away: thousands of miles from the crime scene? He exonerates Mugabe completely from the nation's genocide facts and their origin and pins it all on Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. Dear Jonathan, all of them are equally guilty, you cannot pick and cherry who should be pinned guilty of genocide atrocities and Mugabe is sung with heroic accolades by you Jonathan.

Jonathan Moyo should be told and be reminded that his memory is wholly selective if he consciously or subconsciously omits the fact that Mugabe eliminated his father u Baba u Mlevu during those Gugurahundi activities. Former President Mugabe, the Head of State had a hand in the murder of Mr. Mlevu, the father of Jonathan Moyo. Former President Mugabe was the mastermind of Gugurahundi atrocities: be reminded once more. To target Mnangagwa and Chiwenga as the only Gugurhundists is wholly cynical, at best very dishonest. To tell us now that during the time he was in government, he raised the issue regarding Gugurahundi is wholly not true. I beg to be corrected. What we know till today is that when Jonathan was sacked from the government following the fall out with Emmerson Mnangagwa, he raised the issue of Gugurahundi because wanted to be elected as an independent in Tsholotsho North, a parliamentary seat he won on the Gugurahundi card openly fronting the death of his father as one of the victims of genocide.

Former President Mugabe was the leader of the murdererous thugs who sat down and consciously planned the Grand Plan: to decimate the people of Mathebeleland and Midlands. If Jonathan fails to recognize that Mugabe is as good as Mnangagwa: a coin with two sides; then we should refuse to be sucked and drowned into personal conflicts of him and Mnangagwa. We detest vehemently this selective mourning of those who died in the "coup: not coup" in Zimbabwe. Today's Jonathan's twitter was all in loving memory of Peter Munetsi. "Memorial Notice: in loving memory of Peter Munetsi , one of the many hitherto unreported, unacknowledged killings in #Mnangagwa and #Chiwenga's #November#Bloody#Coup in Zimbabwe.

I personally am deeply sorry about the death of Peter Munetsi. But what did Jonathan Moyo say about the disappearance of Itai Dzamara? Did he not utter unprinted words denigrating the death of Itai, gloated about his death and many other deaths and disappearances of innocent people in Zimbabwe? Why this selective morality? By no account don't I want to belittle the death of Peter Munetsi. Indeed in this coup it is an open secret that many people must have died without our knowledge: kutonga kwaro garwe! In 2008 general elections people died, were murdered, killed in cold-blood, women were raped, men and women were maimed, and people's houses were burnt down sometimes peoples were killed through arson attacks in their homes by Zimbabwe army: Robert Mugabe as the Commander in Chief of Zimbabwe Armed Forces. Did we in 2008 hear Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao cry, weep, bemoaning the crimes against humanity committed by Chiwenga's killer army: why are they crying louder than the bereaved today after the coup of November 2017?

Did they bring those sad cases to the international court of justice in the ICC in the Haig citing crimes against humanity perpetrated by Chiwenga and Mnangagwa and Mugabe as Head of State during the 2008 elections? Back then Jonathan Moyo was Mnangagwa's kith and keen. Jonathan Moyo mocked the dead and those who disappeared in conflicts during the Mugabe tenure in office since he was an accepted persona inside the echelons of power Zanu PF. Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao are the last people to tell us about unconstitutional and illegitimate Mnangagwa regime because in 2008 when Tsvangirai won the general elections, he was cheated, we did not hear Jonathan or Patrick raising a red flag and announce to all that the government of Robert Mugabe is illegitimate and unconstitutional because they did not win the 2008 elections. Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao were beneficiaries of the 2008 coup and again beneficiaries of the rigged 2013 elections!

"The coup conspirators and terrorists junta are so ideological vacuous that their only motivational imperative are the entrenchment of kleptocratic primitive accumulation" Zhuwao said. Institutionalization of primitive accumulation was part of Mugabe's Zanu PF government Patrick Zhuwao. This started during the time of your Uncle Bob's rule, dating back in 1980. Where is 15 billion dollars your uncle looted from the diamond treasury? Is that not primitive accumulation of nation's revenues? Where you are hiding right now you are sustaining yourself because of those primitive accumulations of public funds from the nation's treasury your uncle looted. Is that not a classical example of primitive accumulation of state treasury dear Patrick, the brain-child of Robert Mugabe, did not begin with Mnangagwa? This is the tool Mugabe used to cow down, intimidate his subordinates to order. Those very comrades who were in power with him: anyone who became ambitious, wish to become the top civil servant to replace Mugabe, were silenced in one way or the other.

 It is wholly nauseating to read articles coming from the young man called Patrick Zhuwao. In his latest article in New, Patrick unwittingly narrates and chronicles the Mugabe's rule in a time frame of two months, what Mugabe did in 37 years; Mnangagwa just perfected the legacy of his Uncle Bob in two months. Nothing has changed from what it was before the coup, the name of the president changed yes but nothing else. This makes his memorabilia original as it depicted Mnangagwa/Mugabe relationship accurately and eloquently: Mnangagwa is the continuation and the extension of Mugabe rule to the letter.

Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao must leave the Zimbabwe electorate in peace for now especially the people from Mathebeleland. They may be fooled by Jono's twitters on Gugurahundi easily. Both of you are failed politicians; we cannot be used to fight their factional wars. Sending those twitter messages to the electorates in Zimbabwe is desperation no less. Jonathan Moyo sold his soul long back when he worked with Mugabe to the end, disregarding the fact that Mugabe eliminated his father. They should never use the general population to cry with them in exile misery: exile out here is very cold yes, here in exile: indoda iyazibonela.

We want to see the Gugurahundi issue dealt with amicably and accepted by all victims of genocide. We want to warn the government that we shall not accept to have chiefs to deal with such painful issues: chiefs who have already been compromised by accepting those brand new cars! We do not accept wishy-washy approach to Gugurahundi atrocities and its solution. We need people who have legally, qualified legal hands; legal knowledge of genocide and crimes against humanity to put this national curse to the end sooner so that we move on with our lives. The person to lead this legal team must be a non-Zimbabwean and from SADC or UN or Commonwealth and never the chiefs: some external and independent person must lead the truth and reconciliation, a decision also made by Zapu leadership. The government cannot act as an arbitrator said Mr Kernan Mzwelikahle and rightly so.

The article from Nicholas Ndebele picks a different angle of thought altogether and argues that Mnangagwa actually acknowledged the atrocities committed in the past: that, according to my opinion is a good start. Ndebele says, watching Mnangagwa's interviews in Davos, Mnangagwa actually accepts the disproportionate approach to Gugurahundi atrocities on the Zanu PF government side and that there were crimes against humanity committed by the government in the past. He fell short of saying sorry, but if he is genuine about solving the Gugurahundi with great delicacy it deserves, input from legal expertise, government sensitivity towards this painful past, execute it amicably without bias and without the chiefs, when the victims of genocide are compensated and a genuine apology coming from the government of Zimbabwe is made and made, then, then, we shall be we find solution to our dark past.

We shall never accept any patchwork. There is nothing like "let bygones be bygones" there is nothing like "it was a moment of madness" there is nothing like "we should a draw a line on the sand about Gugurahundi" we want genuine truth and reconciliation. We take into cognisance that lots of lives were lost: Nicholas Ndebele, who was part of the Catholic Commission for Justice further says: it was not necessarily the number of people who were estimated to be 20000: it could be more than 20000, but the criminal intention to decimate the Ndebele tribes and the Zapu followers of all ethnic Shona: genocide is the focal point of healing and reconciliation. Practically speaking it will not be possible now to know how many people died. However we demand the current government to give genuine closure to this dark past of our history so that we move on and rebuild the country.

President Mnangagwa must be told too that if he was convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity, guilty of atrocities by the peace and reconciliation, he should make the decent thing to resign from the post of the President. There is nowhere in the world a president who is so tainted like Mnangagwa: crimes related to genocide and crimes against humanity should be the head of state longer than one day. Mnangagwa has blood in his hands, by all normal standards he is not supposed to be president at all, but we are in Africa where everything is just possible. Former President Robert Mugabe said to Jonathan Moyo: you are intelligent but not wise! How true! How accurate. The rest is now history!

Nomazulu Thata is political activist and active politician in main-stream German politics. She writes in her personal capacity. Can be contacted on Nomazulu.thata(at)

Source - Nomazulu Thata