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Student confesses to practicing Satanism

by Staff reporter
09 Feb 2018 at 05:58hrs | Views
A FORM Two student at St Joseph's High (Rusape) has allegedly opened up on her involvement in suspected satanic acts rocking the school in which some possessed girls are fainting while others violently storm out of classes. Some of the students allegedly shout names of some teachers also fingered as architects of the unfolding macabre drama.

School head Mr Richard Chiome made the startling revelations during a heated meeting with restive parents of affected students who besieged the embattled school on Monday and district education officials led by the district schools inspector Mr Nathaniel Machini.

The meeting was sanctioned by the provincial education director Mr Edward Shumba after parents had complained against lack of seriousness on the part of the school and district education authorities in finding a lasting solution to the moral and energy sapping episode. As the heated meeting ensued, 10 students collapsed in full glare of all and sundry.

Parents and fellow students had a rude awakening as they tried to assist the affected girls, but to no avail. Mr Chiome, buckled under pressure from the parents, and let the cat out of the bag. He said the pupil (name withheld) confessed before Roman Catholic priests during a deliverance prayer session last Friday that she had some dolls, given to her by a relative in Vengere, which she allegedly uses in the luciferic weird world.

"Last week pupils only collapsed, and on Monday we all had assumed that this strange thing had come to pass. It started again on Friday with the girls collapsing and fainting. Some would run around the school yard and were uncontrollable. Quite a number of pupils were affected.

"We then took all the Form Two girls to the church so that the priests would pray for them. The priests later updated me that there was a girl who made a strange confession, which they divulged to me.

"They said the girl wanted to take something from home, and we then accompanied her there and she produced some dolls which she claimed had powers to instigate what is happening at this school.

"The girl stays with her grandfather, who barred us from taking the dolls. The grandfather told us that he will keep them and the pupil. We then returned to the school and are waiting for that parent to bring the pupil back to school. Today she did not come to school," explained Mr Chiome.

Another parent whose child is a best friend of that girl corroborated Mr Chiome's account. The parent revealed in the meeting the pupil in question allegedly gave her daughter a doll and on Sunday the grandfather knocked on their doors and collected it from them.

"My daughter is the best friend of this pupil, she gave her a doll and we never suspected anything since they are friends. We are now suspicious because my child collapsed on Friday, and on Sunday the girl's grandfather came to our house Silverbow demanding the doll back," said the parent.

This prompted more than 200 parents to storm the school again on Tuesday in the company of several pastors and prophets, demanding to be allowed to conduct cleansing prayer rituals. They sang and prayed whilst Roman Catholic priests laid hands on the pupils. Angry parents demanded that the pupil be expelled from the school to allow sanity to prevail.

However, some disagreed saying the girl needed deliverance and rehabilitation. Some students told The Manica Post that it could be true that the said doll girl was behind the mysterious happenings at the school. They said the girl was always loaded with cash, including the now elusive United States dollars, and she was so generous with it. Most Form Two girls envy to be closer to her due to her cash.

Source - manicapost