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Blood, juju in mubobobo ritual

by Staff reporter
09 Feb 2018 at 06:01hrs | Views
THEATRE of wizardry!

Mike Sibanda, a prophet from the Johane Masowe sect in Bhazha is a hero in the area because of his exploits during a cleansing ceremony that was also attended by this reporter.

A certain family in the village (name withheld to protect it from victimisation), employed the services of the prophet because  family members had died mysteriously.

Women were the worst affected because other than staring at death, they were sexually abused by the mystic creatures.

Before the exorcism a family member narrated what was happening to their household.

"I have been waking up with my privates  wet and sore as if I had indulged with a man yet I would not have done so.

This had really stressed me and going on for a long time," she said.

Dressed in his robes, Sibanda took centre stage as he recovered a stick resembling a  man's penis and a wooden carrier containing blood in it.

The stick was explained to be what was used for access to indulge with the women in their sleep.  The wooden carrier allegedly  brought about the mysterious deaths drawing blood from the home.

Sibanda claimed that the owner of the creatures was a close family member. After the ceremony, he told B-Metro that he had travelled around the country dealing with similar situations.

However, such operations tantamount to those of tsikamutandas have in the past been castigated by government and in some areas, chiefs have blocked these prophets on allegations of swindling villagers and causing mayhem.
Source - bmetro