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Charles Sibanda's wife accuses girlriend of masquerading as her

by Staff reporter
09 Feb 2018 at 06:02hrs | Views
THE real wife of FC Platinum midfielder Charles Sibanda has broken her silence following reports by B- Metro that her husband was sexually starving her.

It turns out her husband's Zvishavane based girlfriend Melissa Thebe is the one who claimed to be the "sexually starved wife" to B-Metro.

Thebe in an interview last week masquerading as Priscilla Moyo alleged that Sibanda had gone AWOL from home spending time in shebeens and in other women's arms.

Moyo was to wake up on Friday morning to see screaming headlines in last week's edition of B- Metro.

Left with no choice as family members attacked her, she came to the newspaper's offices armed with her identity card.

Thebe seems to have done her home work well because details that were published by B- Metro pointed straight to Moyo who as the wife could know.

"I never spoke to the press and I was shocked to read about my life. No matter what I go through I will never run to the media.

"I am aware that my husband is a celebrity and has lots of girlfriends, but I do not care about all that. I suspect one of Charlie's girlfriends is the one masquerading as me and at one time she was insulting our relatives," the real Moyo said.

She took a swipe at Thebe.

"I stay in Bulawayo with our children and whatever is going on between Thebe and Charlie should not involve me and humiliate me. Everywhere I go, people are laughing at me for being stupid and crying for sex," said the visibly irritated Moyo.

In the past Moyo says she reported Thebe to the police but nothing was done.

"We reported the matter  but they (police) failed to track her down. This time she has gone too far I want to sue her," she added.

But she also finds her husband at fault.

"Last week when I tried phoning Charlie, his phone was answered by someone who told me that it was a wrong number and I do not understand his games.

"No one wants to believe my story as they are all blaming me for going public about our life," she said.

B-Metro then called Thebe in Moyo's presence and she stuck to her story that she was the real Moyo.

'I am Priscilla Moyo and all I told you is the truth," she said.

Upon realising that she had been caught, she hung up. She also didn't respond to WhatsApp messages from this reporter.

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Source - bmetro