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Man busts neighbour pants down with wife

by Staff reporter
09 Feb 2018 at 06:05hrs | Views

A Kwekwe man was caught bedding his neighbour's wife.

Catherine Tsaura gave the Maryville Resettlement area of Kwekwe a free show when she ran out of the bedroom hut in her neighbour's homestead in her birthday suit after her husband Nelson Chinamasa entered the bedroom unannounced and caught her having sex with Luckson Mulembe.

Realising that he had stumbled upon what he never suspected, Chinamasa beat up Mulembe before going after his wife.

Chinamasa was dragged before Kwekwe magistrate Storey Rushambwa facing assault charges.

The court heard that on 23 January in the evening in Village 5 in Maryville, Chinamasa decided to visit his friend and neighbour Mulembe unannounced.

Upon arrival, Chinamasa gained entry into Mulembe's bedroom hut only to find him engaging in sex  with his wife.

Sensing danger, Tsaura bolted out of the room undressed as she sought refuge from another neighbour only identified as Buka.

Chinamasa went on to beat up his friend before going after his wife whom he found at Buka's house and bashed her as well. They reported the matter to the police leading to Chinamasa's arrest.Chinamasa told the court that he was so disappointed that his friend could do such a thing to him.

"I assaulted them because I found them having sex. I cannot believe that my friend did that to me," he said. The matter was postponed to next Thursday for continuation of trial.
Source - bmetro