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Plot to unleash violence backfires

by Stephen Jakes
22 Feb 2018 at 08:42hrs | Views
An MDC-T supporter Marshal Hodho Munetsi Chirimumimbaā€ˇ has claimed that a plot to commit violence by party youths back fired as indications have been made that they were aimed at tainting the image of the Acting President Nelson Chamisa at the funeral of the late leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

"Luck ran out for a gang of youths who had been hired to boo down and attack the MDC Acting President, it has been established. The would be gang of terror, had been gathered together by Tapera Sengweni and were presented to MDC Thokozani Khupe when an alert youth overheard the plot to attack and boo down the MDC Acting President. The vigilant who uncovered this plot started to sing and chant "intouyenzalo tinasiyaizonda" to the unholy grouping, who in turn started meting assaults on the youth. Instant mob justice was visited upon the unholy gang to prevent further attacks on this vigilant youth," he said.

"Contrary to the propaganda being spread that Thokozani Khupe, Douglas Mwonzora and Abdenigo Bhebhe were chased away from the funeral proceedings, they were actually safely escorted to the funeral by the MDC National Youth Commander Cde Bvondo and his Deputy Leader Mkoyi. This was after the security department requested the two to come and assist in providing escort. In a related incident, it is understood that Hon. Lwazi Sibanda became dishonourable and meted a physical assault on a member of the youth who as we speak is still receiving medical attention."

He said party secretary general Douglas Mwonzora was also heard promising some youths in Spar Supermarket at around 5.30PM to expect a shocker that he will produce in few days to come.

"While this is deplorable, we believe the VanGuard will be ready for the shocker as and when it comes. Those we spoke to in relation to these assertions by Douglas Mwonzora said he should not fool himself into thinking that resigning from politics to go back and run his failed law firm will be any shocker at all, but instead it will be welcome news to the MDC family," he said.

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