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'Tsvangirai's funeral number two in Africa to be largely attended'

by Stephen Jakes
22 Feb 2018 at 10:08hrs | Views
A commentator Martin Taruwona‚Äé has described the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai's funeral as number two to be largely attended after the South Afrfican late President Nelson Mandela.

Tvsvangirai died in South Africa on Wednesday last week and was burried on Tuesday in Buhera home.

"Tsvangirai's funeral has become number 2 in terms of attendance in Africa with around 746 875 mourners; number one being that of Mandela which attracted more than a million. Census by Gabriel Tsungami by the late Monday 19th February 2018 showed that about 750000 eligible mourners gathered at Tsvangirai's rural homestead to pay their last respect to a departing Hero. Of the mourners converged in the remote area 18346 were foreign diplomats who were aware of Tsvangirai's quest to free the people of Zimbabwe from the oppression of Zanu PF's rule. Of the available foreign nationals , 11241 were fellow whites from the European land paying their last respect to a departing visionary leader," he said.

"Analysis by Priscilla Codman revealed that there has never been such a gathering in Malaysia since a time immemorial. Jog Higgins also revealed that in Canada they are yet to find a man like Tsvangirai who fought with all his effort setting aside all the hate speech which is a common mantra in Zanu PF party. Tsvangirai is deeply remembered by his party supporters by urging them to desist from any form violence warning them to learn from his experiences. Taking the way and number of times Tsvangirai was attacked by Zanu PF thugs one would agree with me that the veteran leader was given a long life by His Majesty God. He could have died before even forming an opposition party of the century."

He said however, this gathering has sent a clear message to all humanitarian organs ( UN , Sadac OAU etc) that Zimbabwe has been run by wrong leader since 1980 and even now.

"The masses of the people have spoken, the voice of the people has been heard: President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was a visionary leader who had won the hearts of millions through his humble leadership style. We wish you a happy second life in the second world of life where you have gone. Its hard to believe yes but thank you President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai your foot prints of the rule of Law are clear to everyone," he said.

Source - Byo24News