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Bulawayo Bomber ventures into acting

by Staff reporter
23 Feb 2018 at 05:41hrs | Views
THE Bulawayo Bomber, Elvis Moyo has taken the lead role of former world boxing champion Sonny Liston in a documentary-Pariah: The life and death of Sonny Liston which is being produced by a South African company- Triology Media.

Award winning British Simon George is the director of the movie.

"It's an opportunity that l got .The documentary is about the life and death of Sonny Liston. Former world Champion boxer who was at his prime in the 1950s and 60s during those hard times when racism was at its worst," said Moyo.

Liston, who lost his world title to Muhammad Ali on May 7 1964, is rated by Ring magazine as the seventh greatest heavyweight and had a record of 50 victories (39 of them knockouts) and four losses. He fought Ali twice and lost on both occasions.

He died in January 1971 of a suspected heroin overdose and his body was found by his wife days later in their Las Vegas home.

Nicknamed "The Big Bear" during his heydays, Liston rose to fame when he claimed the world heavyweight title in 1962 after accounting for Floyd Patterson.

"Basically l had kept my hair and grew a moustache to frame him. It was vital for them to get a proper boxer, someone who will do the boxing scenes perfectly. It's going to be a spectacular documentary,"added Moyo.

The final touches of the documentary will be done in Britain.

"Hopefully, by the end of April the movie will be out," said Moyo.

Bomber believes a lot of opportunities will arise for him after the movie is out.

"I believe the movie will open doors for me. I was actually surprised how good l was. I am not afraid of cameras as l am a sports man and am always in front of the cameras perhaps that helped me a lot in the movie," said Moyo.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean's next boxing fight will be on 15 March in Vienna, Austria against Ivica Perkovic from Croatia for the heavyweight championship.

"I am looking forward to sending a stern message; Africans are very talented but are deprived opportunities. With the few opportunities availed to me l will get my way to the top," said Moyo.

He will be leaving South Africa for Austria on 12 March.

Source - bmetro