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Man impregnates stepdaughter

by Staff reporter
23 Feb 2018 at 05:43hrs | Views
A man in Chiroveka village under Chief Chireya has become a talking point in the community after he impregnated his stepdaughter.

The odd incident came to light recently when a neighbour confided to Ratidzo Moyo (45) that her daughter Rudo Muchemwa (20) was pregnant. Ratidzo got worried and asked her daughter about the said pregnancy.

Rudo spilled the beans revealing that she was impregnated by her stepfather, Ruramai Moyo (50). More shock awaited Ratidzo. Her husband never denied responsibility for the pregnancy.

A family insider said: "Ruramai admitted before family elders that he impregnated his stepdaughter saying they engaged in mutual sexual intercourse."

The matter was reported to village head Matsikirwa before it was referred to Chief Chireya. Chireya confirmed the incident.

"We handled a matter where a man committed an abomination by falling in love with his stepdaughter and impregnated her. What shocked me is that the man did not deny that he impregnated his stepdaughter. He said they engaged in mutual sexual intercourse," said Chief Chireya.

"We cannot condone such acts that degrade our cultural values and tradition. As a way of correcting that we found, Ruramai  Moyo, guilty and fined him two cows. Let me hasten to warn would- be offenders that we will expel them from our community if they commit such shameful acts," he said.

Source - bmetro