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Mugabe warned: Shut up!

by Stephen Jakes
23 Feb 2018 at 15:29hrs | Views
An Ex Zipra veteran Max Mkandla has warned former President Robert Mugabe to shut about about claiming that this year's elections will not be free and fair because he during his tenure retained power through violence and refused to hand it to the late Morgan Tsvangirai who had trounced him by 73% in 2008.

The remarks came after Mugabe reportedly claimed that this year's elections will not be free and fair and condemned President Emmerson Mnangagwa's administration as having taken over from him illegal.

"Mugabe is not the right person to tell the people that this year's elections will not be free and fair.  He can not criticise Mnangagwa's administration when he himself got into the leadership of Zanu in 1975 through clandestine means when the rest of the Zanu comrades were refusing," Mkandla said.

"If Mugabe can  disapprove Mnangagwa's leadership it means he is disapproving his leadership. From prison in 1975, Mugabe  joined Zanu when most of the party leaders had deserted Ndabaningi Sithole. He became the leader  while others were refusing. Ask Didymas Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo they will tell you that he was a defector leader."

He said Mugabe used own tactics to bulldoze himself into leadership and can not talk about constitutionalism. He said during his time as prime minister at independence Mugabe appointed Rudzayi  Nguruwe to lead the police force while he appointed Peter Halls as leader of the army there by returning the power to the colonial regime.

"He there engaged  the Korean army to train the fifth brigade to kill people in Matabeleland and we ask him if that was peace and if it was fair. Since 1980 up to 2017 he never condemned violence. The opposition dwellings were killed and their homes burnt was that fair? He addressed rallies and made inflammatory remarks and preached hate speech was that fair," Mkandla said.

"What we say is that the new administration must walk the talk and make sure that the elections are free and fair. A person like Mugabe is not the right one to talk about peace. MDC won the 2008 elections and he refused to hand power was that free and fair? I blame the new administration especially the army. These guys must just have shot him he is a disgrace to the people."

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