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Zanu PF has everyone in right place to win polls - Analyst

by Stephen Jakes
26 Feb 2018 at 07:25hrs | Views
A political commentator Oliver Musvibe has said Zanu-PF now has everyone in their right places to guarantee another landslide win and legitimacy for the coup government.

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa got more control of the election outcome when MDC-T Vice President Thokozani Khupe challenged the ascendence of Nelson Chamisa to Acting Presidency to succeed late Morgan Tsvangirai.

"Chamisa joined the playground a few months ago when he became a lawyer. ED has been there for decades. Tendai Biti, Welshman Ncube and Agrippa Mutambara are ready to pounce on the MDC-T presidency should an opportunity avail itself. The MDC Alliance offered them that opportunity. This was after Biti and Ncube realised their mistake to leave the original MDC when Tsvangirai tempered with the constitution, and wanting to come back upon realizing that the man they had run away from was dying and that they could sneak back in and get Tsvangirai's job without anyone noticing," he said.

"They were joined in their ambush by soulless political zombies like Agrippa Mutambara who don't even know why they want to join the opposition after getting old fighting and killing the same opposition members whose support they now want to be able to rejoin the feeding frenzy on the gravy train inherited by ED and Zanu-Pf Lacoste. Agrippa is the same dude who raped Judith Todd during his good old days with Robert Mugabe, when he could do as he pleased. He is part of a coalition of politicians without followers who want to cheat their way back. Who would follow a rapist anyway?"

"I wont talk about the other 54 plus opposition parties and their supporters."

He said false prophets and voodoo practitioners are also helping ED by creating more confusion, fooling and blinding people.

"People who should be awake and vigilant to be able to vote and defend their vote from theft are being put to sleep through false religious teachings. Radio and television are saturated with false Christian doctrine, fake miracles," he said.

Source - Byo24News