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Bulelani Khumalo installation as 'Ndebele king' face court challenge

by Staff reporetr
27 Feb 2018 at 11:13hrs | Views
THE Mambo Dynasty Trust is in the process of filing court papers against the installation of an Eastern Cape-born and raised Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo as the Ndebele King next month.

Coghlan and Welsh are the lawyers representing the Mambo Dynasty. We will update as we get more information.

The Mambo Dynasty Trust is an organisation that was formed to retrace and revive cultural traditions, customs, correct social order, research and re-write the history of the Lozwi Empire which was destroyed by various groupings which invaded present-day Zimbabwe during the Mfecane period. The trust is chaired by a Zimbabwean businessman based in South Africa, Mr Mike Moyo who has interests in the security and property sectors.

An Eastern Cape-born and raised Prince Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo is expected ascend to the throne of the Ndebele Kingdom in Zimbabwe next month.

The coronation in Bulawayo on March 3 will seal the quest for the restoration of the Ndebele kingship, lost 124 years ago after the death of Bulelani's great-great-grandfather King Lobengula Khumalo.

A faction of the Khumalo clan named the now 33-year-old prince as heir apparent to the Ndebele crown, ending speculation over the seat which has remained vacant since King Lobengula was overthrown by colonial settlers in 1893.

Last year, Mr Mike Moyo warned Khumalos allegedly working on another parallel forum for the restoration of the Ndebele Kingdom. He said it was time that the so-called destroyed royal families treat everyone who uses the Ndebele language in their daily lives with respect.

"Our feeling is that people should be consulted at a national level if there is anything to do with resuscitating of a king, we as the descendants of Mambo we are not ready. Those so-called members of the royal family should realise that the Ndebele people include all people in Matabeleland, those who speak isiNdebele as their mother tongue and even us the Mambos it is now our language. This is because there has been a language loss and we have been using isiNdebele for almost 200 years now. Mzilikazi brought Nguni into Zimbabwe and not isiNdebele. IsiNdebele was developed here, so it is not exclusively their language."

He also said as the Mambo Dynasty they were working on identifying chiefs from all non-Nguni people who were chiefs before 1835. Mr Mike Moyo called on the Nguni chiefs in Matabeleland to share their jurisdictions with King Mambo former chiefs.

"It is time that we have the subjects of King Mambo also being reinstalled as chiefs. We are appealing to the Nguni chiefs to come to the party and agree to share areas under their rule."

Source - Byo24News