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Mthwakazi leader breathes fire over critics' attack

by Stephen Jakes
02 Mar 2018 at 07:10hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party leader Mqondisi Moyo is breathing fire against critics who accused his followers for allegedly disrupting the public meetings organised by the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission in Bulawayo and Matabeleland North.

The remarks came after the war veterans threatened to take unknown action against the MRP activists if they continue to allegedly disrupt meetings.

"The coup government of Mr Mnangagwa  has finally crumbled from its political theatrics of his 100 days in office, thanks to MRP's consistence in challenging its deceptive tendencies. The heat is now forcing the agents of the 1979 grand plan to come out of their carves. Strategically, the infantry line is deliberately held by our own Mthwakazi despots," Moyo said.

"Firstly it was Reverend Shadreck Ncube of the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, who even displayed his political activism by insinuating that the MRP members present had been bussed from Bulawayo. Such accusation can only be made by someone who is deep in the political system. Many ZANU PF sympathisers joined in including a number of some rogue freelance journalists. The Southern eye published a story on Matabeleland war vets calling on Zanu political leaders and cabinet ministers to reign what they term 'rogue' Mthwakazi activists, who continue to disrupt the NPRC meetings. We all know what this means in the context of Zanu PF, violence and murder."

He said the Mnangagwa gang is now shifting to option number two, after their attempt to deceive the people of Mthwakazi and the world, was well thwarted by Mthwakazi Republic Party.

"I warn the people of Mthwakazi that violence is coming, but this time we will march to the prison gates and chant freedom slogans to our graves. Stanley Ncube, the disgraced Matebeleland North Zanu PF war veterans leader needs some schooling on MRP. For his own knowledge, I would like to bring to his attention that MRP was formed in 2014 and its leaders have been arrested numerous times under the administration of Robert Mugabe. We have defended the people of Mthwakazi since then," he said.

"We have fought the Shona hegemony and raised the issue of Gukurahundi during the reign of Mugabe. It is unfortunate that you were busy enjoying the few cents that this government gives you to sell your soul to the devil, to notice that the people of Mthwakazi have resolved to liberate themselves. MRP is prepared to match these rogue ZANU PF war vets man to man and they must not forget that some of them were in the ages of 14 years when they left schools to join the liberation struggle to fight Ian Douglas Smith and we are not boys but men and women who are fighting for Mthwakazi independence."

He said war vets like Ncube were either war deserters or sellouts working for the Smith regime, no wonder why they come out guns blazing against us defending shona apartheid regime.

"We will not waste our precious time listening to Zanu war vets. We know that the real people's war vets are for the MRP cause of defending our people. Those who eat the crumbs of Zanu PF can not claim to represent the true heroes of our people. The call for action from the Zanu PF leadership proves that there is no constitionalism in Zimbabwe. If the MRP members are on the sidelines of the law, the justice system must flex its muscles. If the people of Mthwakazi still doubt the insencerity of this government, we have ourselves to blame. Let's unite and say NO to this evil," he said.

Source - Byo24News