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MLF supports Heir Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo to take over as Mthwakazi King

by Stephen Jakes
02 Mar 2018 at 15:02hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Liberation Front official David Magagula has said his party supports the coronation of Bulelani Khumalo as Ndebele King.

"As founder members and the main stream MLF we stand to correct Mr Andrea Sibanda and dismiss his misguided conception that the Mthwakazi Liberation Front is not for Heir BL Khumalo. Contrary to  Sibanda's assertion, which is meant to fight his petty war with MRP, MLF is behind BL and will be sending hundreds of supporters to to grace the occasion," he said.

"Some people age very fast. I am reminding Andrea that it was us as MLF before they tried to destroy the  Organisstion who accepted Heir Bulelani at Berea Park and we also welcomed the Lobengula Foundation members, led by Mda. We had as our guest speaker Prof Matshazi. After the well attended rally we proceeded to North West+Rustenburg wherevwe were shown Heir Nkulumane's grave. Their story was related to us more than enough for you to forget so fast."

He said above that  Sibanda, the research undertaken by Mthwakazi Institute Of Research (MIOR), to be officially laun chef soon, reveal how Cecil John Rhodes took Heir Bulelani's great grand parents away from Mthwakazi to cause what you are doing now.

"We just want to remind Andrea that no one can stop an idea and execution of a plan whose time has come. Again Sir, stop interfering in other people's agendas if you are not well versed or prepared to be part there of," he said.

Source - Byo24News