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Stabbed elderly man dies at bus stop waiting for transport to hospital

by Simbarashe Sithole
13 Mar 2018 at 09:44hrs | Views
An elderly Masvingo man was bashed to death by unknown assailants on Saturday night has learnt.

Sources familiar with the incident allege Chipa Chigumbu from Sese Tavagadza village in Chivi was dragged out of his bedroom by a gang of assailants in the wee hours of Saturday.

His wife tried to restrain the assailants and she was also assaulted before being forced to go back in the bedroom for safety.

"We lost mudhara Chigumbu after unknown assailants pounced on his homestead and bashed him leaving him for dead for unknown reasons.

"Her wife was also assaulted and ordered to return to her room but she managed to sneak out and went somewhere for safety," revealed the source.

It is further alleged that the wife came the following day in the morning and found her husband lying helplessly on the ground groaning in pain with knife wounds.

She went and reported the matter to village Head Ngoni Tavagadza who went to report the case 30 kilometres away to the police station leaving the victim in the scotching heat from the sun.

Upon his return they tried to carry the victim to the hospital where he died at the bus stop waiting for transport.

Meanwhile, investigations by news crew proved that Chigumba was once accused of witchcraft by his relatives two months ago which ensured in a serious clash, though it is not clear whether they have a hand in his attack

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