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Zapu raps media for aiding Mugabe's inflammatory remarks about Gukurahundi

by Stephen Jakes
21 Mar 2018 at 14:35hrs | Views
After Robert Mugabe's shameless insult on the Gukurahundi survivors and victims, the President Emmerson Mnangagwa controlled press deliberately added salt to injury when both its print and electronic media deliberately twisted facts, Zapu has said.

The party said Mugabe who is now  no doubt living in total perplexity put the blame on Zapu and Zipra for the genocide and ethnic cleansing that he ordered on civilians.

"The deposed tyrant wants to mislead the world into believing that Zapu and Zipra supported the 100 or so bandits  to militarily rise up against him yet Zapu had demobilized and disarmed thousands of its fighters.
The now desperate and abandoned dictator  referred to the caching of arms on Zipra properties that he seized and has held on to them up to this day despite his false claims of unity for decades with Zapu," said  Zapu.

"As a dictator who recognized no court decisions during his hey days he probably does not know that there are credible records in the High Court archives about who and how those arms were cached in Zapu properties. Those weapons were put there with the guidance and support of the Rhodesian special branch. Obviously this was also in connivance with the South African Boss. The court records will also reveal  that state witnesses against Dr. Dumiso  Dabengwa and Lt. General Lookout Masuku were paid up  by ZanuPF  just to ludicrously lie in court."

The party said the records state that the man who actually led the caching of arms told the court that the key state witness who was his commander ordered him never to disclose the exercise to Dabengwa and Masuku.

"This led to the discharging of the 2  Zipra commanders. Dumiso Dabengwa and Lookout Masuku knew nothing about the caching of arms nor did Zapu as a political organization. This came out clearly in the High Court. The only person who knew what was going on was the current ZanuPF leader Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa. The late Joshua Nkomo says it in his book.  It was him and the Rhodesian Special Branch who planned and paid some Zipra to execute their plan. The armed dissidents were also a creation of the same Rhodesian Special Branch of the evil Smith regime together with their South African counter parts who even went further and formed what they called Super Zapu. These people worked with Mnangagwa," said the party.
"What is baffling  is the fact that the ZanuPF press that now tries to exonerate Mnangagwa and present him as a man different from Mugabe. It claims that he is the one responsible for the National Peace and  Reconciliation Commission. The truth is that this was in  the 2013 constitution and it is not by any measure Mnangagwa's brain child. To pretend that these two are different in terms of their roles in the atrocities against un-armed civilians is a deliberate attempt to hoodwink the people that the person who was the brain behind Gukurahundi loves peace and justice."
"As the country is gearing up for general elections, the Zapu Presidency is working hard to pull all its resources possible to reach out to every voter. We sincerely wish that our energy would be dedicated to that now, but wanton misinformation by the official  state media on what we experienced as a political party, communities and a people cannot be ignored. It is unacceptable therefore that President Dumiso Dabengwa's response to Mugabe's rattles attempting to justify his madness of gukurahundi  gets very briefly quoted to present Mnangagwa's perceived purism. The cry from the people both the dead and the living is that only the truth and justice should prevail."

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