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Chamisa, a dictator in the making

by Prosperity Mzila
27 Mar 2018 at 15:11hrs | Views
Little by little, Nelson Chamisa is exhibiting traits of a dictator, he is imposing conditions on the MDC-T party and its members, making unilateral decisions and going back on his word, one too many times. 

If this is left to continue, Chamisa will soon turn the MDC-T into his own chase board where he will be calling the shots without counsel from other MDC-T leaders. He has reneged on all the window dressing promises he made to the party's National Council. Despite his promises to uphold the late Morgan Tsvangirai's party principles, his true colours are slowly emerging.

MDC-T Members of Parliament are up in arms against Chamisa for causing disharmony in the party by going against his initial word that he will give a blank cheque to the sitting MDC-T Members of Parliament (MP). Chamisa has sent out a circular to both aspiring and sitting MPs advising them of the new criteria for one to be considered for the primary elections. Sitting MPs are required to submit detailed copies of their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a non-refundable fee of US$1000, whilst non-Members of Parliament are required to submit their CV and US$100.

The MPs are flabbergasted by Chamisa's actions with most of them claiming to expose his double standards.  The MPs are angry that Chamisa is backtracking on his initial promise which he gave while trying to gunner support to grab power from Thokozani Khupe. The issue is that Chamisa is trying to pave way for his friends from the Alliance in MDC-T strongholds and the US$1000 is a prohibitive amount meant to eliminate some MPs if they fail to pay. Word has it that he is aware of some MPs that will not be able to afford the amount and as such, will be eliminated from the pool  of candidates, hence creating constituencies for his 'friends'.

However, MDC-T Masvingo Provincial Chairperson, James Gumbi has declared that he will choose candidates of his choice and Chamisa will not be able to stop him. Gumbi claims that he is responsible for influencing Tsvangirai to appoint Chamisa and Elias Mudzuri to vice presidency.  He credits himself because of the part he played and has declared Chamisa powerless against his decisions. One wonders what skeletons Gumbi has discovered in Chamisa's cupboard.

It should also be noted that Chamisa has backtracked on every promise he has made, a poor attribute for a leader.  This makes him a liability to the party and to the people. It would appear Chamisa has become a dictator in the making and that is a very scary and frightening thought indeed. Imagine a leader that changes his principles overnight, such a leader is bound to change the Constitution to ensure that he stays in power for more than the stipulated two terms. If the MDC-T/Alliance is not careful, soon they will be staring straight in the face of a dictator.

Source - Prosperity Mzila