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Bulawayo Police Arrest Mthwakazi Activist for Being Stubborn

by Stephen Jakes
29 Mar 2018 at 05:13hrs | Views
Bulawayo police, yesterday the 28th of March 2018 arrested Mthwakazi activist Vanet Mayor Ncube following the people's demonstration against employment of non Bulawayo people for the construction of eGodini mall.

It is understood that the police tried frantically, but failed to have Terracotta, the main contractor at eGodini mall, to open a case against Ncube. Although this was a demonstration of Mthwakazi people, police chose to target Ncube who coincidentally happens to be a member of MRP. We view this as an act of political intimidation against MRP activists after a political directive by the ZANU government for the arrest of MRP activists.

Although the contractor declined to press charges against Ncube, the officers, after threatening to physically assault Ncube, arrested him on the basis that he was stubborn. It is a pity that after 38 years of independence, Mthwakazi people are still being politically persecuted at the discretion of personal police emotions.

Ncube has since been given a frivolous charge of disorderly conduct. It is not known when he is to appear in Court and is still detained at Bulawayo Central police station.

"We also warn the Bulawayo Council officials to be genuine in their administration of eGodini project and not suck Terracotta into any underhand or corrupt dealings. We are watching the arrogance and inconsistency of the City officials with a Hawk's eye," Mthwakazi Republic Party said.

"We further emphasize that the resources of Matabeleland are naturally for the people of Matabeleland. Bulawayo needs this project to succeed. We call upon our people to defend anything that seeks to derail the construction of this monumental Bulawayo structure."

Source - Byo24News