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Sithembiso Nyoni's husband dumped

by Staff reporter
04 Apr 2018 at 15:24hrs | Views
A Cabinet minister's husband's bid to land the Makokoba constituency has suffered a huge blow after he was dumped by his long-time ally on account of fanning factionalism.

Women and Youth Affairs minister Sithembiso Nyoni's husband, Peter Baka Nyoni, is eyeing the Makokoba constituency where he has been previously accused of unsettling the incumbent MP, Tshinga Dube.

Samuel Chasi, who had worked with Nyoni for more than a decade, said he was forced to cut ties with him on accusations of funding factionalism in the race for Makokoba constituency.

Interestingly, Chasi has crossed the floor to support Dube.

"I have dumped Nyoni and I have communicated my decision to him. I know this is his worst-ever upset of all times. I have taken a firm decision to work with the sitting MP so that we retain him.

"Operation Restore Legacy just didn't end with the former head of State (Robert Mugabe), we are restoring that legacy in the constituencies, revamping and recalling the G40 elements.

"It's a new era, if one messes up, he has to go silently. We have been together for years but the voice of the people is the voice of God. Factionalism has been propelled and championed by Baka," Chasi said.

He accused Nyoni of creating parallel structures in the Makokoba constituency.

"There are four districts in the constituency and he had strong systematic capture of the party structures with anti-Tshinga programmes, in control of more than 40 cells on his database, augmenting his chances of winning a primary election with over 75 percent.

"All the programmes done by the sitting MP (Dube) are boycotted because he has always been aspiring to be an MP since 2005," he claimed.

On his part, Nyoni said it was unexpected that he would lose an ally he had worked with for such a long time.

"He has told me about his decision. It's difficult of course, but I am still trying to talk to him so that he can explain what has really gone wrong.

"It's difficult to lose someone you have worked with for such a long time but anyway in politics, you can expect that," said Nyoni.

Dube, who once served as War Veterans minister before he was fired by Mugabe in his Cabinet reshuffle in the run-up to the military operation which ended his presidency, stuck the boot into Nyoni.

"I know Nyoni as husband to Sithembiso Nyoni but I don't know him in the party structures.

"I have never met him at any party programme or at Davies Hall but surprisingly, every time there are elections, I always hear that he wants to contest as an MP in Makokoba on behalf of the party.

"As for Chasi, I have known him for a while; he came to

me and said he appreciates the work that I have been doing in the constituency.

"He said he wants to work with more oriented people. He is a sharp and good young man whose company I would really appreciate as we go towards elections," said the amiable Dube.

Source - dailynews