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Wedding couple humiliated as UK wife's plan comes to action

by Staff reporter
10 Apr 2018 at 15:35hrs | Views
THE United Kingdom based man who tied the knot with a local nurse failed to bar his in-laws from humiliating him at his wedding on Saturday.

The in-laws demanded a token of divorce for his wedding ceremony to proceed at Buxton Farm.

Lesley Amos, 52, was forced to leave guests for almost three hours as he engaged police after his mother and father in-laws sneaked at the wedding venue threatening to stop the marriage.

Police presence was rife and after the PA system was switched on, the first announcement was that anyone found taking photographs will be forced out of the venue.(image)

Proceedings expected to start by 0900hrs started after midday and hired bouncers discovered that their security had failed to closely monitor the intrusion of uninvited guests forcing them to confront whoever was suspected to be part of Lesley's first wife's relatives.

Lesley's father in-law led his team in confronting one bishop Paradise after declaring that Lesley and Mavis were husband and wife basing on a certificate he said was given to them on the 3rd of February at Harare Magistrates Court this year.

"I am representing heavenly government and I thank the constitution of Zimbabwe because the two have already appeared before a Harare magistrates court where they obtained a marriage certificate which is here," said bishop Paradise before asking for a round of applause from the guests.

"I am not going to take most of your time today. I am going to skip most of the things that include enquiring if there is anyone with a lawful query to give for the two not to be joined in holy matrimony since the two have already tied the knot before the magistrate," said Bishop Paradise forcing Lesley's in-laws to walk to the front and confront him.

Police moved swiftly and controlled the situation after one of the guests threatened to exchange fists with the best man. This writer was also manhandled by six bouncers before police intervened.

Wedding proceedings continued after one of the pastors only identified as Musara reasoned with the in-laws with the help of police and took them, and this writer, to a place where they monitored the proceedings from a distance.

Lesley was called to face the in-laws who he claimed refused to receive his lobola over the 21 years he lived with Dorothy Mutetwa based in United Kingdom.

Pastor Musara accused Lesley of making false allegations that Dorothy's cousin sister Margret Dongo was aware of his intention to marry Mavis and Lesley apologized over the false statement.

The Mutetwa family showed pastor Musara the lobola list which Lesley confirmed he was charged and he apologized saying he was angered by Dorothy's character which forced him to marry Mavis secretly.

"We are here because you never gave Dorothy a token of divorce to prove that you are still our son in-law and you have kids with my daughter," said Dorothy's mother fuming.

"Mafundisi echechi musabatanidza vanhu kana paine nyaya dzisina kugadzirwa nekuda kwekuti munenge mapihwa mari yabva UK.

"Bishop Paradise varamba kutaura zita rechechi yavo pamwechete nemi murikuzviti mufundisi Musara muchiita basa rekudira tsvina perfume muchiti Mwari akomborera murimatsotsi evanhu," said Dorothy's mother.

Lesley, whose mother was not part of the guests, blamed his sisters Moleen and Lynet over the token of divorce demanded by his mother in-law.

"My sisters advised me not to give Dorothy a token of divorce saying there was no need and I should only ahead with my plans to marry Mavis and I went to court on the 3rd of February and tied the knot," said Lesley.

"As for Margret Dongo I never consulted her about my plans I am sorry pastor Musara handitotaudzana naye kunze kwekubatwa maoko chete," said Lesley while the bridal team waited for him to have 'kodak' moments along with Mavis.

Bishop Paradise refused to entertain H-Metro, only to order security to make sure H-Metro lenses do not capture wedding proceedings. He left the place soon after blessing Lesley and Mavis before the few guests who witnessed the proceedings.

One of the guests told H-Metro that Lesley's wedding organisers were after exposing his shenanigans with Mavis.

"I want to believe most of the guests were against the wedding because many passed through the gate showing their invitation cards and this led us to warn guests not to use cellphones or any other devices to record since we were after making sure H-Metro does not capture any proceedings," said one of the guests.

"Imi mapinda sei pagate apo nekuti shoko ranga rasimbiswa nderekuti whatever is to happen H-Metro must not be given a chance to record anything," said one of the guests close to Lesley.

Source - hmetro