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Disposed ZimFirst leader Shumba to take Mangoma to court

by Stephen Jakes
14 Apr 2018 at 10:29hrs | Views
The troubled Zimfirst leader Maxwell Shumba has threatened to take Coalition of Democrats leader Elton Mangoma to court for insisting that his (Shumba) party is still a member of the CODE when he (Shumba) has since announced that the party was no longer part of the pact.

Shumba recently announced that ZimFirst is no longer part of the CODE and accused Mangoma of insisting that the party is still in the pact based on new interim leadership which claimed to have ousted Shumba.

"We are going to court against Mangoma and CODE. Once again we are going to court to protect our name and Intellectual Property from thieves. In 2016 we took Joice Mujuru to court until she dropped our name before even going to trial.?This time we are going to court against CODE, Elton Mangoma and his sack of minionic morons. The Nyika Vanhu vision has become like a ripe maize field that sits near a baboon infested mountain," Shumba said.

"We will do whatever it takes to defend whatever is ours."

Source - Byo24News