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Zanu PF driving Zimbabwe into civil war

by Stephen Jakes
17 Apr 2018 at 07:24hrs | Views
Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Thembani Maphosa has warned that the ruling Zanu PF has for long been driving the country into the direction of civil war.

"Throughout the history of humankind, inequality has been the source of mass and block disgruntlement in societies, which has, more often than not, caused civil strife and unrest. Civil wars have been created by systems and governments that disregard the notion of equality and equity," he said.

"In Zimbabwe since 1980, Zanu PF has been slowly driving this country in the direction of civil war by formulating and implementing discriminatory policies.
Today the country is projected in regions, one that is heavily subjugated by the other on political and ethnic grounds."

He said this, coupled by Zanu PF arrogance to reason is recipe for disaster. It is, sadly, a ticking time bomb and if the status quo is maintained, it will blow in all our faces.

Source - Byo24News