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Electrical Energy is the First Priority to create our Economy Comrade ED - DIASPORA

by Ryton Dzimiri
18 Apr 2018 at 17:00hrs | Views
Comrade Mnangagwa, in reply to your fair call for Zimbabweans in Diaspora to make an effort to re-build our Zimbabwe, we wish to bring to your attention that Energy, is the first line of action your Government must prioritise.

For mining, agriculture, manufacturing and transport to thrive, our Zimbabwe needs electrical energy. We want to bring to your attention Comrade President that Zimbabwe has the best sun exposure to lead the World in the Solar Technology. Most Zimbabweans in Diaspora have studied Engineering, and, they know how our country could be turned into a South Korea by a single correct step taken by our Government.

In Manufacturing Sir, nothing will happen before you open your eyes towards the Solar Technology. The best way to do this is by removing any regulation which stops individuals from importing Solar Panels. If you allowed Diasporeans to send Solar panels to Zimbabwe without any duty, in two years' time, Zimbabwe would be exporting energy.

I, the writer, hold a University Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. I hold another Master of Science in Industrial Design and am currently finishing my own invention in methods of storing electrical energy without use of costly batteries. My design is specific for individual rural households. It completes the rural utility as I know it from Zimbabwe. It makes Solar irrigation easy and affordable as well as more productive. Once the system is deployed, very few Zimbabweans will see any need to go and seek work in towns. No one will have the equipment and starve, even if they were lazy or too old to work in fields.

Projects like this, would create so much energy, excess of which would be fed into the Zesa grid to increase its output for industrial consumption. If you treated the Solar technology as you treat maize harvests, Zimbabweans overseas would oversupply Zimbabwe with electrical energy in form of solar panels. We would send our solar panels and expect to sell the excess energy produced to Zesa so that Manufacturing Industries do not run out of power.

As it is now, if Minister Sibusiso Moyo brought 5000 American Companies to invest in Manufacturing in Zimbabwe, where would we get electricity for such industries?

Comrade President, energy is the only thing you must specifically ask Zimbabweans in Diaspora to play an instant, workable and vital role.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri