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'Chamisa taking rural folk for a ride'

by Staff reporter
25 Apr 2018 at 07:12hrs | Views
MDC-T leader Mr Nelson Chamisa continues to sell hot air to his supporters, this time promising to install WIFI at each rural homestead if he is elected in the forthcoming elections. He made the remarks on Sunday while addressing his party supporters during a rally held at Ruwangwe Business Centre in Nyanga.

"Even goats will be able to have access to the mobile network," Mr Chamisa said at the rally. "Wherever one is, even if they are in their own house or at their small house, then they will be able to access mobile networks."

Most of what Mr Chamisa has been telling his supporters are exaggerated statements, some of which expose his shallowness and political immaturity.

Just recently, Mr Chamisa was at it again, promising to construct airports in rural areas, "spaghetti" roads and bullet trains that move at unrealistic speeds.

Observers have indicated that Mr Chamisa's utterances expose him as someone who takes rural voters for granted, thinking they can fall for anything, despite it being outright lies.

They say while it is noble for rural areas to access WIFI, promising each rural household connectivity is going a little bit too far.

"He takes the rural voters for fools," said one political commentator. His wayward utterances show that this man is far from being presidential material. Chamisa clearly disregards the rural folks.

"Above all, this exposes the MDC-T's lack of grassroots connection, as it shows that he has never sat down with the rural folks to understand their desires and their priorities at the moment.

"Of course, we need WIFI and wide connectivity to enhance the lives of villagers who will be, for example, able to search for better markets on the Internet for their agricultural produce. But promising each homestead connectivity as soon as he assumes power is trying to fool the people."

Mr Chamisa has also come under fire from various quarters for his blabbermouth and shocking lies.

Being a lawyer, observers say, Mr Chamisa should perform much better than trying to excite voters with "high-sounding nothings".

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