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Mliswa speaks on tantrums

by Staff reporter
10 May 2018 at 17:02hrs | Views
PARLIAMENTARIAN Temba Mliswa has anger management issues and is a man of violent tendencies, at least according to social media users.

Such claims have gained momentum following an incident when he fumed at Capitalk radio station, threatening to walk out of an interview with Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa after hearing that his nemesis Paul Westwood was on the line.

He also seemed perturbed by the presence of Acie Lumumba whom he has had a timeline of clashes with.

At one point Mliswa alleged Lumumba was gay and the latter responded with a below the belt jab telling Mliswa to give him his wife and daughter.

At Capitalk, Mliswa fumed accusing Ruvheneko of destroying the station which made people wonder why he was being evasive.

Several examples in which he exhibited temper issues were raised on social media, dating back to his rugby days and as a Warriors fitness coach.

His refusal to allow Westwood to be heard raised a lot of eyebrows. Westwood, writing on social media platform Twitter accused Mliswa of grabbing his business, threatening to kill him and rape his wife.

People alleged that Mliswa is a corrupt individual who hides his tracks with the anti-corruption mantra, being described as a wolf in sheep clothing.

Others feel Mliswa throws dirt to people as a way of diverting attention from his shenanigans, being described as a chief land grabber, who looted cattle and farms.

He is also fond of throwing corruption allegations to several public figures mainly those in ZANU PF where he was expelled with notable examples of people who were running for political office during the just held ZANU PF primary elections.

Mliswa also stands accused of abusing his position in the parliamentary portfolio committees, getting privileged information and posting it on social media.

Minister Obert Mpofu refused to entertain questions during the parliamentary portfolio committee hearing raising Mliswa's behaviour on social media.

He has also had clashes with businessman Wicknell Chivayo whom he attacked several times on social media.

All these allegations were thrown at Mliswa who responded:

"You appreciate that this is a very critical time for any politician to focus on responding to those issues, it's actually a waste of time compared to the election that are up and coming. My campaigns have taken a lot of my time, unfortunately the items that you raised don't at all make an impact on my election, these have been there for a long time and it's just a matter of you going back to certain articles. If I may guide you, my first article I was actually at high school trying to challenge the status quo in rugby which was mainly white, that was in 1987 and that can guide you towards who I am.

"Most of these issues have gone through, we cannot have a repetition of issues just to sell the paper. There are times when certain issues are self-explanatory, they have been answered and I think journalism is about two sides.

"Don't just want to get a mere comment when you already have an agenda, and continue the agenda. There have been many headlines on me to a point that I have been arrested more than 70 times and acquitted, so I'm a seasoned politician, I'm thick skinned and I will not at all be that elephant that turns at the bark of a dog, that's my response, thanks," he said.

He further said:

"I actually follow my media relationship, I actually thrive on that publicity, so I will never be perturbed.

"I have been in this game for too long for me to be diverted from winning, all this has never affected my popularity which is what is important at the end of the day and I cannot be part of hearsay where there is no evidence.

"You must also show me the evidence, I think you must be well read in saying I'm abusing parliamentary privilege, how am I abusing when I brought these issues in parliament? I represent people and that's that and if I have an allegation on anyone, I write to the president like I did on corruption and everybody has a right to write about me if there are things that are not proper about me. Let's not be speculative, let's have a media which is professional which talks on issues which have evidence."

He added, "I doubt your mental fitness, because some of the questions you write about would only be written by somebody with a psychiatric problem, if you ask those questions why would you be so silly to really even ask those questions, your wife and daughter, you know more yourself in asking that question. I think do yourself good by being a journalist who seems not to be paid to write an article or having been captured. It's sad that you could ask such a stupid question."

Source - hmetro