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Chamisa's BBC HardTalk performance made vote-rigging, murderous ED look 'mature, responsible and wise'!

by Nomusa Garikai
12 May 2018 at 22:40hrs | Views
Chamisa's credibility has been questioned again and again in the past. On the BBC HardTalk programme he has come through as a someone with a knack to shoot himself in the foot before a race.

Chamisa can never deny that the way he seized power, just a day after Tsvangirai's death and never allowed the other two VPs to throw their names in the hat, was clumsy and crass. Of course, Thoko Khupe had every right to reject the process out of hand and the resultant split in the MDC was therefore Chamisa's fault.

"It wasn't of course and of course what we did was within the constitution, we then did it much way after, in fact it was two weeks after the demise of our President that we had to have the internal processes that then gave way to a democratic outcome in terms of who should then be leading the MDC," was Chamisa's explanation.

MDC Alliance leaders have been at sixes and sevens as to where they stand as regards the implementation of democratic reforms. They have abandoned their "No reform, no election!" resolution and yet still want to give the impression they will pressure Zanu PF to implement their reform demands!

"Tendai Biti said "unless we get a clear commitment from the securocrats" by which I think he means the Zanu-PF military nexus "unless we get clear commitment from them that they won't interfere the election" he says will be a "sham" and you have said if you don't get your way on things like the ballot papers, you gonna bring the election to a halt, you are raising the temperature?" asked Stephen Sackur.

Of course, MDC leaders are just raising the political temperature and, worse still, making a mountain out of a mole hill. What the nation want is proper democratic reforms implemented and severe the undemocratic control the ruling party has over the securocrats, ZEC, etc. Restoring these state institutions' independence once and once for all is essential. Getting some Army commander to issue a statement, which is what Biti is calling for, which cannot be enforced in law is a complete waste of time!

MDC leaders had the golden opportunity to implement all the democratic reforms, including security sector reforms, during the GNU. They failed to get even one reform implemented in five years.

SADC leaders have advised the MDC not to contest the elections without first implementing the reforms and they have refused to listen.

Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections and will do the same this year. Participating in these flawed and illegal elections, hoping against hope to win rigged elections is insane! The nation would not be going through this foolish madness if MDC had implemented the reforms or at least have the intellect to listen SADC leaders' sound advice.

"I suppose nobody would dispute that what Zimbabwe needs right now is mature, responsible, wise leadership?" Asked Sackur.

"Indeed!" admitted Chamisa.

"Would it not be true to say that in the months that he has had power, Emmerson Mnangagwa has exhibited all of those qualities? He did set-up a truth and reconciliation commission. He has insured that the process of the establishment of rules and parameters of elections are in place," continued Sackur.

President Mnangagwa, a wise leader! What a laugh!

Like it or not Mnangagwa was a senior member throughout Mugabe's 37 years reign and per se can never wash his hands of what happened in those years, especially when he played such a pivotal role in rigging election and using wanton violence to make sure Mugabe and Zanu PF remained in power. What wise leadership did he provide then?

One can forgive Stephen Sackur for not knowing that Justice Chihambakwe has investigation the Gukurahundi massacre. His report has never been made public. During the GNU, there were several ministers assigned to deal with peace and reconciliation. President Mnangagwa does not want to deal with this very thorny issue, especially since he has played a leading role, and by appointed another commission, he was kicking the ball into the tall grass. Of course, Chamisa and his MDC friends should know all these issues and flagged them up at every opportunity?

President Mnangagwa has pointedly refused to implement even one democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections. Chamisa should have challenged Stephen Sackur to explain what these "rules and parameters of elections" Mnangagwa has established, given the nation is heading for yet another rigging election!

Chamisa's performance on BBC HardTalk was so pathetic, he has made President Mnangagwa look "mature, responsible and wise" regardless of ED's checked record of gross mismanagement, rampant corruption, blatant vote-rigging and murders.

Having to choose between Mnangagwa and Chamisa for next President is like having to choose to have one's leg or arm cut-off – either way you will suffer and gain absolutely nothing!

The country is in a serious economic and political mess, 38 years and counting of blundering from pillar to post has left its mark. Worse than that, we are stuck! Neither Mnangagwa nor Chamisa will ever get the nation out of this mess!

These elections should not be taking place without first implementing the democratic reforms, a process designed to dismantle the oppressive Zanu PF dictatorship and the nation to open debate meaningful democratic competition. The dictatorship has stifled debate and made politics so dangerous only incompetent, corrupt and murderous thugs have emerged as leaders. In a healthy and functioning democracy, leaders are elected on the strength of the ideas they are offering and nothing else.

Implement the reforms and the thugs will not be able to rig elections and therefore have nowhere to hide.

Since nothing can be done now to stop these flawed and illegal elections going ahead, both Zanu PF and MDC are determined that the elections go ahead; the only way out is for the elections to be ruled null and void since they will not be free, fair and credible. Zimbabwe must revisit the 2008 raft of democratic reforms only this time the nation must make sure all reforms implemented.

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