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Chamisa has faults, says Coltart

by Staff reporter
14 May 2018 at 06:57hrs | Views
Former Education Minister Senator David Coltart has admitted that MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa misfired during his recent interview on BBC's Hardtalk and also that the opposition leader has made wrong pronouncements.

In his statement on the recent MDC Alliance trip to the United Kingdom, Mr Coltart - tongue-in-cheek - tried to attribute Mr Chamisa's naivete to lack of exposure.

"It is important to remember that Nelson Chamisa has known nothing else other than the crazy political environment which has existed in this country since he entered politics in September 1999," Mr Coltart said.

Mr Chamisa was forced to recant a number of fanciful claims he made during Alliance rallies when he was interviewed on the BBC current affairs programme.

The programme, which aired last week, laid bare the policy and ideological bankruptcy of the youthful MDC factional president.

Mr Chamisa, who has suffered the ignominy of having his public pronouncements publicly refuted a number of times, was forced to backtrack on several claims he made during MDC Alliance rallies.

BBC Hardtalk anchor Steven Sackur described Mr Chamisa's promises as "nonsensical" and bordering on "fantasy".

Said Mr Coltart: "Of course Nelson Chamisa has faults. All of us do. Of course he has made mistakes in some of his pronouncements — all of us have done so in our own political careers. None of is perfect — but at this moment in our history we cannot let perfection be the enemy of the good," he said.

Mr Coltart said Mr Chamisa had taken some lessons from his conduct on Hardtalk.

"No doubt he has learned from the experience and he is a quick learner. Having done Hardtalk twice myself I know how demanding it is and I respect that he was prepared to go into the firing line.

The youthful MDC Alliance leader has gained notoriety for loquacious fabrications that have seen some social media enthusiasts change the MDC Alliance slogan from "Tshisa mbama tshisa'' to "Tshisa nhema tshisa!'' with Mr Chamias being likened to Pinocchio, a fictional character and protagonist of the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio.

While having a short nose, Pinocchio's nose, gets longer whenever he lies.

Source - the herald