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What is Chisa Mbama Chisa?

by Sam Wezhira
14 May 2018 at 18:48hrs | Views
Zimbabwean populism has a clear history, and Morgan Tsvangirai epitomized its paradoxes. At his graveyard, he united political adversaries, religious people, blacks, whites, Indians; yet at the height of his career, he wanted the total annihilation of ZANU PF. Tsvangirai died closer to ZANU PF but he started his political career as Chamisa - he started as a populist. The volatility nature of populism made Tsvangirai realize that he was only igniting reaction and scapegoating rather than bringing reform.
Tsvangirai realized later on in his life that his machinations were more of a rhetoric rather than ideology. All he cared about at first was ZANU PF (bad) against MDC (good). His pronunciations were a simple truth. (Tsvangirai: "Economy? We will fix it. Health? We will fix it.", Environment, we will fix it").

Fast forward to today. We have Chamisa for MDC and we are back to square one. His pronunciations were a simple truth. (Chamisa: "ZANU PF? Yawora, Economy? Yawora. Health? Yawora.", Environment, Yawora"). All he knows is chisa mbama chisa; isn't that translated into rova mbama rova - violence. All bent to thrill his followers. But wait, didn't Mnangagwa pronounce that there will be zero violence in the forth coming elections? So why encourage your followers to beat up people? Who do you want them to beat up?

Why not follow Mnangagwa's cue. There's no sexier words in the lexicon of his speech than "Zimbabwe is Open for Business." I sometimes wonder if he even thinks elections are necessary. Mnangagwa has been in the political trenches and understand political rhetoric as a sin. He is usually quoted as saying, "the voice of the people is the voice of God".

Mnangagwa is pro-foreign trade deals, Chamisa is all over the map. While Mnangagwa rails against corruption, Chamisa seems to be eager to join the political class to have his hands on the dirty money - toda kumbodyavo mentality
The difference between Mnangagwa and Chamisa is like an ocean; it is more fundamental than the difference between their two political parties. Chamisa has known nothing else other than politics. His views about politics is that of class conflicts and believes such conflicts can only be resolved through elections. He has no clue about running a tuck-shop, what more a country?

Source - Sam Wezhira