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Zanu-PF govt sabotaged construction of Tsholotsho Stadium

by Stephen Jakes
16 May 2018 at 09:21hrs | Views
Residents of Tsholotsho North and South who attended Mthwakazi Republic Party's four campaign rallies and a road show in Tsholotsho Centre, said ZANU PF has been neglecting them in many ways.

This was said by Tsholotsho villagers as the MRP started its tour in Tsholotsho with a road show at Tsholotsho centre on Sunday from early morning to noon.

Party spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo said the following campaign rally was at Patalika Hall from 13:30pm to 17:30pm, which was well attended. Today, saw three consecutive rallies being held at Mbiriya, Tshitatshawa and  Sasedza.

"In all these campaign activities, our people in Tsholotsho complained against the government's deliberate marginalization of Matabeleland provinces. Some of the traditional leaders who attended the revolutionary party's rallies told us that ever since Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo was ousted in Tsholotsho North they were yet to get credible leadership in their Constituency. The villagers joyfully celebrated when MRP Secretary General Cde Ackim Mhlanga introduced one of their own sons Cde Khumbalani Moyo as the party's sole parliamentary candidate for Tsholotsho North . The villagers liked the fact that Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo also supports the MRP candidate ahead of both ZANU PF and MDCs candidates. Cde Khumbulani Moyo also looks alike with Moyo," he said.

"Over two hundred formerly ZANU PF members today officially denounced ZANU PF and MDC-T as tribal parties who connived to sabotage efforts by Professor Moyo to develop Tsholotsho. Villagers went on to say they were even surprised to see MDC working with ZANU PF and army forcing Moyo into exile. They vowed to support MRP and to Vote Team MRP saying they never supported ZANU PF in the first place but were forced into it."

He said the villagers said they will not Vote for the ZANU PF parliamentary candidate for Tsholotsho North retired army general Mr Sistone Khumalo who comes from Masvingo and only visits Tsholotsho.

"Villagers accused Khumalo of intimidating them using his military background and he reminds them of Gukurahndi. Villagers also suspect that he has a hand in the disappearance of their loved son Professor Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo.
"The villagers also complained that they are yet to get network in most rural Matabele villages particularly in Tsholotsho," he said.

"Khumbulani Moyo promised the villagers that Mthwakazi Republic Party will fulfil all the programs started by Professor Moyo, particularly the Construction of Tsholotsho Stadium which has been sabotaged by the ZANU PF Government, particularly Dr Obert Mpofu, who has positioned himself as the biggest enemy of Mthwakazi people. Mpofu who is the most corrupt person in Matabeleland, has not initiated any developmental project in Matabeleland despite his influence within his party. He has,instead, selfishly used his influence for self enrichment."

Speaking in Tsholotsho  MRP Secretary General Cde Ackim Mhlanga alluded the plight of the constituency to the looting of Tsholotsho's natural resources, particularly timber and wildlife. He vowed that the party will do everything in its power to stop this illegal and unconstitutional looting of resources to develop Mashonaland at our expense.

MRP Vice President Ms Presia Ngulube who was the guest speaker told villagers that MRP will not divert from its vision of achieving Mthwakazi people's right to Self-Determination. The VP said that the party is against the deployment of none Mthwakazi people who can't speak our languages and comprehend our cultures particularly in our schools, where there are Shona speaking  teachers. We say nothing for us without us. We strongly advocate for local job or and development opportunities  in Matabeleland to be taken up by locals, contrary to the current setup.

Meanwhile some of the senior villagers in Ward 7 led MRP National Executive Committee members led by VP  Ms Presia Ngulube to a local mass grave where seven people were buried alive by the Gukurahundists 5th brigade,100 meters away from Khumbula Secondary School.

Source - Byo24News